Monday, November 10, 2014

Everything Good is Made By Women

Including street art.

Why Banksy Is (Probably) a Woman

During the very first interview that Banksy gave to The Guardian, another figure was present ("Steve," Banksy's agent). Another figure is always present, says Canadian media artist Chris Healey, who has maintained since 2010 that Banksy is a team of seven artists led by a woman—potentially the same woman with long blonde hair who appears in scenes depicting Banksy's alleged studio in Exit Through the Gift Shop. Although Healey won't identify the direct source for his highly specific claim, it's at least as believable as the suggestion that Banksy is and always has been a single man. 
"Since there is so much misdirection and jamming of societal norms with Banksy's work, as well as the oft-repeated claim no one notices Banksy, then it makes sense," Healey tells me. "No one can find Banksy because they are looking for, or rather assuming, a man is Banksy."

So, I've always just assumed that Banksy is a man because everyone has always acted like Banksy is a man. And the fact that I just accepted this speaks on my own internalized misogyny, specifically my tendency to think of "man" as the default.

But from now on, I will NOT be assuming that Banksy is a man. But let's not assume Banksy is a woman, either. Assuming someone's gender when they haven't outright stated it is no good. I don't want to misgender Banksy because of my tendency to cling to the gender binary, either. I'll be referring to Banksy with the singular "they." Banksy could be non-binary as well.

I really do hope that Banksy comes out of hiding some day to reveal that they are not a man, and then mocks all of us for making that assumption.

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