Thursday, October 2, 2014

Whoa, They Actually Did It


They convicted a white man who murdered a black teen of murder. They actually did it. I was starting to think it would never happen.

This afternoon a Florida jury reached a verdict in the 2012 shooting death of 17 year old Jordan Davis. The shooter, Michael Dunn, who fired ten bullets into an SUV occupied by Davis and his friends, was found guilty of first degree murder.

Two years and one hung jury on the first degree murder charge later, they found a white person guilty of murdering a black person. Stand Your Ground couldn't protect him from justice.

I'm having a hard time feeling stoked considering how incredibly sad it is that I'm surprised by the verdict. Not sure how to feel. But I am glad that Jordan Davis' loved ones can feel that justice has been served. I hope they can find some level of peace from this.

Not sure how many years we'll have to wait until a white cop gets convicted of murdering a black person. Probably a lot.

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