Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MRAs Are The Worst

No, seriously, they are the worst. They are the worst for women, they are the worst for men, they are the worst for people of all other genders and those who have no gender. They are bad for humanity in general, and probably not great for plants and animals, either.

They prey on women, of course, and they attack any men who don't agree with them and make it harder for people to take the actual problems men face seriously. They're notoriously transphobic and transmisogynistic, and completely erase anyone outside the gender binary.

Also, they're fucking thieves stealing money from charities.

A Voice for Men, one of the most popular MRA website run by Paul "Actual Satan" Elam, decided to impersonate the White Ribbon Campaign to steal donations from them to run their harassment campaigns against the women they hate so much. Yes, they created their own website under the name of a charity that fights to end male violence against women to ask for donations that they could use to further male violence against women.

The actual White Ribbon Campaign is righteously pissed.

Sue them, Todd. Screw them to the wall. Destroy Elam's credit rating until he can't even rent a movie.

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gary959 said...

Sue for what? The URL is legally in the hands of an org that sees ALL victims - "End Violence Against Everyone"