Monday, October 27, 2014

Look At This Awesome Thing: Hyper-Realistic Fantasy Animals

Image of a fantasy type fox creature.

Holy fuck.

Image of a long-haired pink fantasy type baby goat creature


Image of a fantasy type creature that looks like a cross between a large fox and a horse.


Image of a fantasy type gazelle creature with a long furry tail


Ahem. These are by a guy called Wood Splinter Lee. He makes these and puts them up for auction on eBay. Sorry, the ones I've shown here have already been adopted. He also makes regular hyper realistic animals like foxes, baby pandas and otters. Holy fuck.

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saber86 said...

Holy fuck, indeed. Wood-Splitter-Lee (per the watermark medallion) has much talent. I wonder how much a custom-made barsk would cost?... :-)