Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of a woman handing a man her purse to hold at a mall, who immediately drops it and picks it up again with an inside-out plastic bag so he doesn't have to touch it and no one can see him holding it.

Masculinity is the most fragile thing in the universe.


saber86 said...

This needs analysis, sez me.

1. Why is the woman handing the man her purse? Is he her pack animal? Is leaving her purse with him supposed to clue in the sales clerk that she's only "looking"? Has she considered the possibility that the man is a control freak and might rifle through her purse?

2. Using a used plastic store bag shows utter lack of imagination. What's he gonna say when she comes back and asks him for her purse? How much of a dick is he going to look holding up that plastic bag? How fast will she slap him across the face, grab the bag and say "It's over!" or "That's it! I want a divorce!" or "Mama raised us better than that!" and stalk off?

3. Level of security in his masculinity: 2%

4. Level of awareness of relationship dynamics for both: 0.5%

5. Effectiveness of gif: 50/50 depending on viewpoint.

6. Most likely response from majority of viewers: "Jeez, what a dick!"

Fate of the men clapping at the end: if it were up to me, they'd be carted home and put under house arrest for a week. No cookies, no fun, no play time. Handwritten pages with the phrase "Women are not my playthings" written 500 times due at the end of the week.

/sarcasm /parody /satire -- take yer pick ;-)

Lindsey Weedston said...

A+ analysis.