Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Be Positive, Assholes

Sometimes I'll come across cute images that are dedicated to helping people feel better about themselves and just supporting people. They make me happy. Maybe this one will make you happy.

Drawing of a bunny with a laptop and the caption "it's actually okay to do "nothing". being productive 100% of the time isn't possible, so don't feel guilty for just relaxing!"
Source: chibird.com
There's an unfortunate general belief in US society that how productive you are is positively correlated with how much worth you have as a person. It's part of the narrative of capitalism. If you're not producing anything to contribute to "the market," you're worth nothing. This is, as I've explained before, fucked up because not everyone is as able to produce as many other people are. Which is why capitalism is inherently ableist.

I have a much harder time being "productive" than people without mental illnesses because my anxiety hinders me in multiple ways. But I am also more able to be "productive" because I do not have a disability or chronic pain that constantly drains my energy.

It's also true that all people need time to relax and recharge. And that goes beyond eight hours of sleep. This is basic psychology and medical science. You can actually increase productivity by taking a few minutes to chill for every hour or even every half hour of work. Not taking enough time to relax can literally kill you. Seriously, people in Japan have literally dropped dead out of nowhere, and their deaths are attributed to constantly working their asses off. It's a little scary. Plus, stress causes all kinds of health problems.

Remember, kids. Your health - physical and mental - and your happiness are more important than you homework, or your job work, or capitalism and its shitty imaginary market. Take care of yourself! In whatever way you like best! Every day!

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