Friday, October 3, 2014

Amazing Women of Color

Okay, one of them died, but that's a 25% fatality rate compared to the standard 70%.

Fatu stayed healthy, which is noteworthy considering that more than 300 health care workers have become infected with Ebola, and she didn't even have personal protection equipment -- those white space suits and goggles used in Ebola treatment units. 
Instead Fatu, who's in her final year of nursing school, invented her own equipment. International aid workers heard about Fatu's "trash bag method" and are now teaching it to other West Africans who can't get into hospitals and don't have protective gear of their own.

This woman literally single-handedly cared for four infected family members. She hasn't even finished nursing school, and she did a better job than fully-trained doctors. She hasn't been infected and inspired a system that could save god knows how many lives. I'm telling you, all the best things lately are invented by women of color and teenagers. They do all the best things.

Also, ebola terrifies me, so if I become infected, you guys have to promise to raise money to send me to Liberia, to Fatu's house, so she can cure me. Fuck US doctors.

I'm kidding, of course, she should tend to the people of Liberia. Or whoever she wants, it's her life.

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