Friday, October 31, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of Homer Simpson lighting a jack-o-lantern and bringing up his hand, which is now on fire

Happy Halloween!

Women's Costume of the Day

That is a Sexy Pool Table costume. Yeah. I guess the fishnet stockings are supposed to represent the nets that catch the balls when they go in the holes. Or something. Yandy is fucking awful.

You know, I thought that as the month wore on, it would get harder to find ridiculous sexualized women's Halloween costumes. It did not. The only things that was hard was deciding what the last one should be. It was between this, a Sexy Sudoku Game Costume, and a Sexy Lamp.

Anyway, I took the top 10 of the costumes I posted and wrote a list article for Feminspire. It's just a snark piece, so, it's totally awesome. Check it out.

Damnit, U.S. Media

Yeah, I totally missed this. There was a huge feminist protest in Barcelona. Of course I didn't see this in the news anywhere until it was way over, but even social media failed me this time. Something's not right. I need to do better.

I so wish I could have been there. Over 600 feminists just took over the city. Ugh, the U.S. is just so shitty at protests compared to places like Spain and Brazil and like everywhere.

Just read this whole Mic piece on the protest and be jealous.

Look At This Awesome Thing: 10 Hour Walk Parody

Someone made a "10 Hours of Walking in New York as a Man" video. I was afraid it was going to be bad, but it turned out to be one of the funniest, best things I've seen in awhile. It keeps getting better as it goes along. It's just. It's a masterpiece. I love it so much. I hope it brightens up your day as much as it did mine.

Morning Announcements

Starting next week, I'll have Tuesdays off as well as Sundays and Mondays, so I should have more time for writing. Most of that extra time will be given to Yes! Magazine, probably. But I do like you guys. Have a good day.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of a little kitten running into a room, stopping, then running out, bonking head-first into the wall on the way


Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy Yoda costume

Messed up, that is.

Privilege in the Catcall Walk [UPDATED]


Maybe you've already heard of the video showing a woman walking through New York while she experiences 108 incidents of catcalling, to varying degrees.

This is one of those feminist projects with good intentions but fails to take into account various forms of privilege. This woman is white, thin, and appears to be cis. Although it's important to show the world how bad street harassment is, it's bad to only show it from a fairly privileged perspective. It would have been better to do the same thing with multiple women of color, a fat woman, a trans woman, and ideally a fat trans woman of color. Street harassment looks different for each group of women that experiences additional forms of marginalization.

The end of the video says that the harassment came from people (I assume they mean men) of all backgrounds. Most of the harassers in the video appear to be black and Latino men. This makes the video appear pretty problematic, especially considering the history of white feminism and harassment only being framed as a problem when men of color do it to white women. It would have been easy to solve this by having women of different races do the same walk. Though I'm sure the 10 hour walk wasn't easy. I hope she had inserts. Anyway.

We white women, and we cis women, and thin or "in between" women need to remember that we have privilege, and that less privileged women experience different and often worse harassment than we do.

Also, for those less educated, don't be fooled by the seemingly innocuous comments and greetings like "how are you today?" or whatever. We women are not naive. We know that shit like this is almost always a precursor to an annoying conversation that we may not have the time or desire for that almost always ends in a proposition of some kind. Then we still have to reject them, and that more often ends in anger because the man put "effort" into forcing us into an annoying conversation and we led them on by not ignoring them. I'd like to see a video showing this as well. Which is sad, because it appears we need to get video evidence of fucking everything since men won't just trust us when we say street harassment happens and it sucks.

And no matter how much video evidence we get, it will never be good enough. But, you know, awareness. Just check the privilege before making the awareness video, please. Thanks.


So it looks like the creators of this video did edit out the white harassers. They say it was a coincidence that most of them were off camera or drowned out by noise. This may be true, but they should have spotted this and done something about it. I don't care if they had to do extra walks past white men after the initial shoot. And they still should have made the effort to find women from different background to walk.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of Professor Utonium in his underwear on the couch, unshaved and surrounded by snacks, reaching unsuccessfully for the remote on the other side of the couch saying "Help me!"

My life.



Marysville is a half hour from where I live. I have cousins in Marysville with high school kids.

They say that the closer something like this is to home, the more it effects you. And yet, as soon as I knew my cousins were okay, I really didn't feel anything. Same with the rest of school shootings these days.

Maybe I'm saying this so I won't be accused of saying this because I'm "emotional" about it. The most disturbing thing about this is how little emotion I feel about it.

There's something different about this case. Maybe you noticed. This kid was not some outcast. There is no way that the shooting could be blamed on mental illness. He was happy. He was popular. He was not some lone [insert ableist slur here] with a gun.

He was jealous because a girl he wanted to date was going out with his cousin. It's a normal and human emotion. He shot them both, along with others. Three are dead, including him.

Days before this, a man cuts a woman's throat open in New York because she said no to a date.

In May of this year, a college kid goes on a shooting spree because women don't randomly go up to him and give him sex.

Women are killed for saying no. Women are killed for saying nothing. Women are killed when they don't even know they've done something that someone else considers wrong.

Women cannot win.

That's the terrifying thing about it. When harassed on the street, or asked out on a date randomly, what's the best course of action? Is it better to say no? Is it better to ignore them? Is it better to be nice to them, go to lunch with them when invited?

We don't know. It's different every time. Any reaction from us could end in violence. That uncertainty is fucking terrifying.

In the face of that, statistics don't mean shit, do they?

Recommended Reading

It's still Asexual Awareness Week! And I just saw something really interesting on Tumblr that I think everyone should read. A lot of movements, even if they're started by people of color, end up being framed around whiteness. We forget that people of color have different experiences, we forget to think of how race issues intersect with other issues. Turns out a lot of people of color don't feel comfortable identifying as asexual and/or feel excluded from the asexual community.

A Tumblr account called What makes you acey? wrote up an excellent extensive post on the issue, pulling insights from multiple people of color from different cultures. We should all read it.

Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy Barney. As is, the dinosaur. Just... it looks like the hat is trying to eat her head.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of a woman handing a man her purse to hold at a mall, who immediately drops it and picks it up again with an inside-out plastic bag so he doesn't have to touch it and no one can see him holding it.

Masculinity is the most fragile thing in the universe.

MRAs Are The Worst

No, seriously, they are the worst. They are the worst for women, they are the worst for men, they are the worst for people of all other genders and those who have no gender. They are bad for humanity in general, and probably not great for plants and animals, either.

They prey on women, of course, and they attack any men who don't agree with them and make it harder for people to take the actual problems men face seriously. They're notoriously transphobic and transmisogynistic, and completely erase anyone outside the gender binary.

Also, they're fucking thieves stealing money from charities.

A Voice for Men, one of the most popular MRA website run by Paul "Actual Satan" Elam, decided to impersonate the White Ribbon Campaign to steal donations from them to run their harassment campaigns against the women they hate so much. Yes, they created their own website under the name of a charity that fights to end male violence against women to ask for donations that they could use to further male violence against women.

The actual White Ribbon Campaign is righteously pissed.

Sue them, Todd. Screw them to the wall. Destroy Elam's credit rating until he can't even rent a movie.

Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy skunk costume

Because the skunk is the sexiest of all animals.

Look At This Awesome Thing: Armed

Hehe. Hehe. "Armed." Good one, Harley.

Yeah, this post is just me laughing at a pun. Also, misandry.

I love Harley Quinn.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of a guy scooting a cat on its back across the floor.


Asexual Awareness Week

This week is Asexual Awareness Week! Asexuality needs a lot more awareness. Most people still don't know that this orientation even exists. What people are even less aware of is aromanticism. Romantic attraction is considered completely separate from sexual attraction. Remember, asexual people can and do experience sexual arousal. They simply don't feel sexual attraction. They might, however, be attracted to someone based on romantic affection.

What's super cool about the asexual movement is how they've raised awareness about multiple different types of attraction. See this website for a thorough explanation of sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and attraction types. That same page also has further links to resources that have tons more information, if you're interested. Be aware!

If you want a quick and extremely adorable explanation, see this post.

Also, look at this flag.

Image of a flag with a skull and crossbones that says "Asexual Pirates are not interested in your booty."

Hehe. Booty.

The best thing you can do to celebrate Asexual Awareness Week is to share information, and remember to correct people who don't understand. Remember that asexuality in humans has nothing to do with methods of reproduction, and there is nothing wrong with being asexual! As much as non-asexual people might enjoy feeling sexual attraction, it's not wrong if others don't enjoy the things you enjoy! Also remember that some asexual people do still have sex for any number of reasons. They may still enjoy orgasms, they may still masturbate. There is such a thing as being sex-repulsed, but it is not synonymous with asexuality.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll do my best to answer as a heterosexual and heteroromantic individual.

Look At This Awesome Thing: Hyper-Realistic Fantasy Animals

Image of a fantasy type fox creature.

Holy fuck.

Image of a long-haired pink fantasy type baby goat creature


Image of a fantasy type creature that looks like a cross between a large fox and a horse.


Image of a fantasy type gazelle creature with a long furry tail


Ahem. These are by a guy called Wood Splinter Lee. He makes these and puts them up for auction on eBay. Sorry, the ones I've shown here have already been adopted. He also makes regular hyper realistic animals like foxes, baby pandas and otters. Holy fuck.

Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume




This is #GamerGate


This is probably going to become on ongoing series because oh my god, these people.

So I've been speaking out a lot against the GamerGate bullshit on Tumblr, and of course getting pushback. However, thanks to my experience dealing with MRAs and anti-feminists, dealing with these people has been no problem. They pretty much operate in exactly the same fashion, with a whole lot of dishonesty and hypocrisy.

One thing they were pushing, however, really got me pissed off. They're trying to claim that Ian Miles Cheong, editor in chief of Gameranx, is or was a super racist Nazi.

I've been following Ian for quite awhile on Twitter and, no. Absolutely not. Ian is one of my favorite people to follow, and probably my second favorite of the male gender, because he is consistently unproblematic. He does male ally right, which, trust me, is rare. He is a good and kind person, even considering my high standards.

So yeah, it pissed me off to see them try and smear him like this. This actually is one of those things that could be considered libel, because it's serious character assassination and clearly false.

Look. This is their "proof" that Ian is/was a Nazi.

What we have here is an image of a guy who kind of maybe sorta looks like Ian, labeled with his name, or his name around a nickname or multiple nicknames. Where is this from? What website? Don't know. It's unlabeled.

Then we have a bunch of white text on a nondescript blue background. Literally, this could have come from anywhere. Someone could have just typed it in. I don't know if it's even a screenshot. There's no way to tell.

Beyond that, the name of the person saying these terrible things is not "Ian Miles Cheong," nor is it "Ian Miles Rex Sol Invictus Exitium Cheong." There appear to be two different accounts, one called "SolInvictus" and one labeled "Exitium."

Literally anyone could have these account names. Sol Invictus was the Roman god of the sun. Exitium is Latin for destruction or ruin. I bet thousands of dorks use these for usernames. They could literally be anyone, if we're generous enough to assume that these messages weren't simply made up by whoever uploaded this imgur image.

This is literally the shittiest attempt to prove anything about anyone that I've ever seen. I would laugh, if not for the fact that it's FUCKED UP to try and convince people that Ian is a Nazi. And yet, still, such a poor attempt. It's like if someone tried to punch Ian in the face, but was facing the wrong way while doing it, punched a wall and broke his hand.

But yeah, this is the kind of dishonesty I'm talking about. I had multiple GamerGaters send this to me. They have to rely on really badly crafted lies to try and make their side seem better, which ultimately makes them look terrible. Because they are terrible.

GamerGate is going to crash and burn so hard.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of Jake the Dog with a really happy face and big eyes with a spinning rainbow background.

Jake makes me so happy.

Best Meme Ever

A series of images of Sephiroth killing Aeris, and in the last one he says "It's actually about ethics in video game journalism."

I actually spit on my computer screen when I got to the last panel.

The Troll Problem

I've had a lot of people express surprise to me about the reality of the online troll problem. I guess I've gotten used to the idea, so I forget that most people have no idea what's going on.

I don't know why, considering how often the troll problem is brushed off as "a few isolated hateful nerds in basements." But they're not isolated. They're organized. They work together in forums and sections of 4chan to systematically harass specific targets. They go out and find people to put on lists that their fellow trolls can cruise and send these innocent targets awful messages and images for years. This includes to their homes, because many times the trolls with find a target's home address. Phone calls can also happen. Sometimes, they make fake social media accounts under someone else's name and start harassing others so that the target, who has done nothing, will be accused of harassment themselves.

People need to know about the extent of this problem. Because people are really being hurt. Trolls target people with perceived weaknesses. They seriously have no shame. They go after people with serious illnesses, disabilities, who have lost children... there is no low too low for them. They should be separated from the population. Which is why it's so encouraging that more and more local and state governments are working to make online harassment illegal. The trolls do themselves no favors by harassing adorable, amazing and widely beloved celebrities like Felecia Day. Seriously, what were they thinking? Attacking someone that rich?

Their arrogance will be their undoing.

But spreading awareness will get us their faster. Help punch the trolls in the face. Tell your friends. It makes for interesting/horrifying conversation.

Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy Chucky. As in, the murderous doll. From those movies. I can't even begin.

Look At This Awesome Thing: Awesome At 24

This girl is two years younger than me and twenty times as awesome. That is WAY awesome.

I love this because she starts out doing something amazing and innovative, and then she actually listens to a homeless person instead of ignoring or talking over them, and then she does something EVEN MORE AMAZING.

Though let us remember that women of color have been helping their own community in similar ways for a long time, but no one bothers to film them and put it on YouTube.

Things That Were Happening, Um, Yeah

Things! I was so sick and then this week got busy with freelancing, and some things I wanted to do got neglected, they did.

First of all, Geek Girl Con! Geek Girl Con in Seattle was on the 11th and 12th of this month. I went both days this year, and it was better than ever. More people, better costumes, and so much great art, I totally went on an art splurge.


Image of The Scream painting, only with Shy Guy

This art is by Katie Clark, it is Katie Clark Art, look at it, buy some! If you have money to spare.

I went to a wonderful panel on Saturday called Feminist Community Building. It was inspiring. It made me want to feminist even better. And I WILL. The panel consisted of Jamie Broadnax, Ashless Blackwell, Angela Webber, Sheena McNeil, and Anita Sarkeesian. It was really interesting to hear Jamie Broadnax talk about Black Girl Nerds and how she came up with the idea simply because she tried to use Google to come up with a community of black girl nerds and found nothing. You think that there's something for everyone on the Internet already, but that actually turns out to be the privilege talking.

Also, there was a wonderful surprise for my friends and me on the front page of this year's Geek Girl Con guidebook.



All thanks to my friend, who is the best costume maker person ever.

Also, I missed the October 22 Ferguson protest in Seattle. I was busy and exhausted and needed time with the life partner. I'm a little sad though, because it looks like it was a good one. I kind of hope there's another protest in the near future, but I hope there's no further reason for such a protest.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dear Sad Babies

Sad babies crying about the fact that I get to control what's on my blog. You get no sympathy from me, sad babies. Go cry cry on your own blog.

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of Aquaman riding flying fish by standing with one foot on each, and then steering using two more flying fish attached to reins.

I can see why no one likes Aquaman.

Women's Costume of the Day

I didn't think I could find something worse than the Sexy Hamburger, but then I came across Sexy Taco.

I mean, seriously, they could do better.

Morning Announcements

I was supposed to have an awesome announcement for today, but it's all gone to hell.

You know who ruined it? Trolls. Online trolls. Fucking pathetic wastes of oxygen who take pride in making people feel like shit.

This incident has only served to strengthen my resolve against these shit stains who harass and bully women. I am coming after you. And you can be assured that the tide is already against you. You cannot hide, and your activities will soon be made illegal all across the world. There's a crowded jail cell waiting for you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of Sophia from The Golden Girls look up and saying "Who Cares??!!"

This is a rather handy reaction gif.

Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy Buzz Lightyear. These are starting to bum me out.

What Actually Happened With #GameGate: I Was There


I've seen a lot of major news outlets reporting on #GamerGate recently, and of course, in the name of "unbiased" "journalism," they have to present "both sides," so a lot of them are acting as though it's at least possible that it's about journalistic integrity in gaming publications.

It's not. It was never about that. It's a lie.

I know. I was there.

I was on Twitter when the hashtag first emerged and I was around when shit hit the fan for Zoe Quinn thanks to her ex. I saw it unfold.

I was also there before, as an actual video game journalist. Never a paid one, unfortunately, but I''ve read it and I've written it. News, reviews, previews, editorials, interviews with people at PAX Prime, with the press badge and my old bulky laptop.

So there are two things I know. It was never about journalistic integrity, and nobody has ever, ever cared about journalistic integrity in the gaming community. No. One.

Every now and then there would be some grumbling about developers and publishers sending gifts and perks and even money to journalists in exchange for better reviews, some shady dealings and bad business, who got the advance copies of what when, and so on. Certainly things that could be complained about, but nothing worth a massive movement or actual Twitter hashtag, because, fuck, they're just video games. No one's dying over any of this. This is not some lack of nuclear weapons in Iraq shit. Video games are important to us, but not comparable to fucking Watergate.

Image of a girl trying to take a video game controller from a boy, captioned with "#gamergate"
Image courtesy of The Mary Sue
Time moves forward. Other issues in the industry start getting attention. Issues of sexism and racism and homophobia and transphobia, lack of representation, harmful representation, gamers abusing others, harassment of women in the community and the industry, gender disparity in the industry, ignoring people of color, near complete absence of LGBTQAIP+ representation. All real things that were happening, things that couldn't be denied. Things that were causing real harm.

People started demanding change. It started showing up in mainstream gaming news publications. Not in huge amounts. Every now an then an article would discuss the problem, ponder solutions. A hashtag would trend, some effort would be made to encourage marginalized persons to participate in the industry.

As always, calls for change created pushback. Women who spoke publicly about harassment from gamers and demanded it stop got more harassment. So we spoke out more. And it got even worse. It became more organized. Threats started. Doxxing. Phone calls. And yet the more the harassers tried to intimidate women, the more we spoke out. The more women stood up. Men kept trying to keep us silent, keep us out of their clubhouse, keep us from making any changes to the video games that they considered to be theirs. Their territory. Their place to feel safe, unchallenged, on top, important, superior. But it didn't work.

Image of a white man's face with fancy computerized graphic overlay behind the transparent word "#GAMERGATE"
A touch over-dramatic, don't you think?

All of this back and forth, this tension building and building, misogynistic men backed into a corner, finding themselves with less mainstream support, less sympathy the worse their attacks become and the more they draw attention to themselves and their clear hatred of women. The public turns against them. They become angrier, more frustrated, fueled by a feeling of helplessness. Because they're losing.

That's how #GamerGate happened. Zoe Quinn was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Having already been a target of hate for the crime of making a video game while existing as a woman, and refusing to back down in the face of harassment, she made the perfect target. When an angry ex gave them an excuse to explode, there was no chance it wouldn't happen.

Zoe Quinn represented everything that they feared. Everything that had emasculated them. A woman who had invaded the gaming industry, made a game about something they believed only they experienced, was unfaithful to a boyfriend. Demonstrated sexual agency.

But they couldn't let anyone know that their hateful harassment of women, or their encouragement and condoning of said harassment, their victim blaming, their barely concealed glee at Zoe Quinn experiencing what they believed she deserved, their spreading of lies and conspiracy theories, gross pornographic images of her, calling her a slut, a whore, a bitch - they couldn't let anyone know that it was about hatred of women. They came up with a flimsy excuse and clung to it despite all evidence to the contrary. They claimed it was about corruption in gaming journalism, unable to explain why only Zoe Quinn is harassed when she's not a journalist, why they continued to stress that she slept with five men when only one was a journalist, and how any of this involves corruption when the journalist never reviewed her game, or why the journalist himself did not receive any of the same kind of harassment Zoe received.

Image of Peter Griffin in a pillow fort with a "No Girls Allowed" sign

It is very true that if you repeat a lie over and over, no matter how obvious it is that it's a lie, people will start to believe it. Especially the people who are lying. They couldn't justify the harassment of Zoe Quinn, so they stopped talking about her for the most part and stressed the "corruption in gaming journalism," hiding behind a hashtag movement. But #GamerGate is just a new 4chan that hasn't been utterly tarnished by its own hateful bullshit yet. Now it's evolved into a big crybaby "movement" against those big mean "social justice warriors" who are being so mean to them by telling them that they suck for harassing and threatening women. It's the Twitter version of Tumblr's "real justice" crowd. At best, shitty egalitarians. But there's plenty of cold hard misogyny in there, along with plenty of other forms of bigotry.

That's the truth of it. #GamerGaters didn't suddenly discover some massive underground corruption market in gaming journalism. They didn't finally get fed up with it and start a movement for integrity. No one has ever really given a fuck about how much integrity this section of journalism had. It's always been full of opinion and not very well researched. Out of all the gaming websites and blogs I wrote for, only one gave a shit about remaining unbiased and giving off the appearance of real, professional journalism. That website failed, probably because it was boring. Gamers never wanted unbiased journalism. And in general, sensationalized, opinion-laden journalism is the norm, from HuffPo to Fox News.

Zoe Quinn's ex lit the spark that set off these people and led to the smoldering fire of #GamerGate. It started with misogyny, and it will always be about misogyny. And #GamerGate will burn out and die, because anybody who doesn't hate women can look at the evidence for two seconds and determine that it's about misogyny. The misogynists will remain, but their credibility will be as low as ever. I just don't know if their frustration and harassment will be worse or if they'll burn themselves out with this one.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of Speed Racer moving his mouth up and down super fast with the caption "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck"


Real or Parody?

Either way, hilar...ody... Hilarody.

Someone sent me this on Tumblr as a response to me dissing on egalitarians, and I guess he thinks that all egalitarians are scientists, or something.

The "#gamergate" is what really makes this tweet sing. I seriously cracked up when I saw it. It's some seriously masterful satire that only becomes funnier when you realize the author might actually mean it.

Oh, gamers. You're horrible, and yet so much humor comes out of  you, whether you know it or not.

Ferguson Update and Activism Opportunity

October 22 is the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. It's a long name for a day, I know, but it's important and there will be a protest in Seattle at 5 pm on that day. I'll be heading down to Seattle Central College after work to join them. This of course is inspired by the events in Ferguson and the murder of black individuals by police, vigilantes, and other angry white men with guns across the country.

Don't forget about Ferguson. Don't give up on making change happen.

Malala Yousafzai and Media Exploitation

Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize, which she received on October 10, 2014. This is wonderful. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. She is an inspiration.

But she is more than that. She is a human being with her own idea, beliefs and motivations. And not all of these line up with the agendas of the US government.

You'll hear the touching story of 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai being shot in the head for the crime of going to school, recovering, and then dedicating her life to fighting for the education of all people. This is something everyone can get behind, right? But that's not all she stands for. She also speaks out against global poverty and encourages non-violence. You don't hear as much about these aspects of her activism. Why? Because the US capitalist system relies on poverty and violence. It's a little amazing how many people can fawn over Malala and talk about how great she is without realizing that we've bombed the crap out of her home and are directly or indirectly responsible for the emergence of many of the "terrorist" groups there, including the ones that shoot girls for going to school.

But the US media doesn't talk about that. They use Malala for her neat little quotes about education and the quotes about non-violence that they can warp to tell only the oppressed not to use violence while our government continues its random drone strikes, which Malala has spoken out against. They whitewash her in the same way they do to Martin Luther King, Jr.

I recommend reading "The (Socialist) Malala Yousafzai the US Media Doesn’t Quote" for more. Always remember the US's history of using people of color like this - cutting out specific causes and quotes they like to present a false picture of the person to the public in order to silence the real message.

Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy jellyfish. Now THAT is scary.

And why would you wear that monster when you could do this:

Glowing jellywish costume made with a clear umbrella and lights.

Afternoon Announcements

I had an interview with a pretty sweet company at noon today, and I'm working on an awesome freelance article, but blog content is coming.

I'm awesome.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of April from Parks & Rec lifting a pair of scissors menacingly.

It's safe to say that April is the woman I always wanted to be.

Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy shower. Like, an entire shower, made into a sexy costume.

What is this, and what is their objective?

Morning Announcements

Oh my god Pokemon X, oh my god.

I have a fire lion and an electric lizard and a psychic kitty and a ninja frog and a Lucario. And a surprisingly good moth. God damnit, Nintendo.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of a cat peeking from behind a door frame at door handle level and using its paw to pull the door closed

Cat's all "Um, occupied."

Women's Costume of the Day

Sexy watermelon. At this point we've got a whole picnic of sexy food costumes.

The Silent Majority is Against Us


Have you ever heard that quote by Desmond Tutu? Here's the extended version:

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality."

Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm mouse.

At least, I am in the sense that I'm a woman. My whiteness also makes me an elephant, plus my straightness and cisness and my lack of disability, and other things. But when I hear that Anita Sarkeesian was forced to cancel a feminist lecture at Utah State University because there were multiple threats of a mass school shooting should she be allowed to speak, I feel like a mouse. I think about how I've planned my first lecture at a small college nearby and how I would like to do more in the future, and my metaphorical tail hurts.

One of the biggest pains in my tail is the people who will again and again, no matter how severe the violence or how severe the harassment or how severe the threats get, say that they come from a "small but vocal minority."


Animated gif of Aquaman opening his hands to reveal the words "FUCK YOU."

Fuck you, because that is not reassuring to me, and also it is not meant to be reassuring to me. It's meant to be reassuring to YOU, to assure yourself that you don't actually have to feel obligated to do anything about the massive tidal waves of threats and abuse, because no matter how effective it is in silencing the target, it's okay somehow because a small amount of people are doing it.

Well guess what? It sure as hell doesn't feel like a minority. When I see reports of vocal feminists getting so much harassment from this "small but vocal minority" that they can't even handle their Twitter accounts and email accounts because so much of it is drowned in awful, awful words, the idea that it's only hundreds instead of millions of men sending those messages doesn't make me feel any better.

Now, let's bring this back to Desmon Tutu's quote. "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." You know who's the majority in these situations? The neutral. The millions of people who either don't care, don't care enough to do a single thing about it, or care but are really only invested in distancing themselves from the bad people and so run around reminding women about the relatively small number of bad people in comparison to the entire human population of Planet Earth. The silence or the annoying useless self-reassurance of this majority only serves the small but vocal minority that would rather I be dead than speaking about my oppression.

So, NO, you fuckwads. It's not a "small but vocal minority." It's a large, mostly silent but sometimes vocal majority. And you're in it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of Homer Simpson watching his puffy hat spin around in the dryer, his eyes following it around

Another possible replacement for the loading icon.

Women's Costume of the Day

This costume is simply called "Texas Hold 'Em." Appears to be your standard Sexy Cowgirl costume with fake hands over the boobs. Not sure if the cards are included. Is there any length they won't go to?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of a cartoon villain putting his hand on his chin while his eyebrows do the wave as though he just thought of something evil.

That is some serious eyebrow-related talent, buddy.

Afternoon Announcements

I've come down with some annoying flu, so the blog will probably be pretty bare for the next couple days until I get better. It's lucky that I got inspired on Saturday and was able to schedule today's other posts. I'm so dedicated. You're welcome.

Women's Costume of the Day

Today's costume is a two-for.

Sexy Bert and Ernie. Hasn't this world screwed up our children enough without trying to mix Bert and Ernie and sex? Just stop.

Your Favorite Movies Are Misogynistic Part 2


My list of very brief movie descriptions made so many dudes mad that I decided to do more. These are NOT all movies I like. But I like most of them.

Clerks: Man spends whole movie whining, loses one beautiful woman when she finds out he was talking to an ex behind her back, is rewarded with beautiful woman (for a couple minutes at least).

Big Daddy: Man lies about being kid's dad, is rightfully arrested, gets bailed out. Is rewarded with beautiful woman.

Animated gif of Adam Sandler talking to a small child, saying "Man, this Yoo-Hoo is good! You know what else is good? Smokin' dope."

Coming to America: Extremely spoiled man travels to New York, lies to woman for weeks. Is rewarded with beautiful woman.

Revenge of the Nerds: Man sexually assaults multiple women and rapes one, is rewarded with beautiful woman. (This one is actually not funny at all, burn this movie.)

Sixteen Candles: Boy wishes girl happy birthday. Is rewarded with beautiful girl.

Animated gif of an attractive woman saying "You're really acting like, an asshole."

Groundhog Day: Man is asshole. Universe messes with him until he learns not to be an asshole. Is rewarded with beautiful woman.

The Mask: Man relies on magical mask to save the day for him. Is rewarded with beautiful woman.

Mallrats: Two men are assholes in a mall all day. Are rewarded with beautiful women.

Animated gif of a smirking woman saying "Men are easily amused."

Liar Liar: Man is magically forced to tell the truth until he learns to stop neglecting his child. Is rewarded with beautiful woman.

10 Things I Hate About You: Boy is paid to deceive girl until she dates him, is discovered. Is rewarded with beautiful girl.