Monday, September 29, 2014

Yes, It Is A Gender Issue


One of the annoying responses to anything I write ever is the inevitable person who wants to pretend that sexism isn't a real problem except for in those OTHER places (and those fucking egalitarians, gross) - the person who comes in to say "well MEN have to deal with this, too" and "this isn't a gender/sexism problem, it's an asshole problem."

Yeah, no, it's about gender. It always is. Every time.

Like the dudes who want to pretend that men get harassed online, too. Okay, sure, except what you would call "harassment" I would call a day ending in Y.

Exhibit A - Cyber Harassment: Yes, It is a Woman’s Thing

Researchers create chat bots and give them either a traditionally female name or a traditionally male name. Results:

The study found that female bots received on average 100 malicious private messages a day while the male bots received an average of 3.7. It found that the user gender had a significant impact on the number of sexually explicit and threatening messages received. Moreover, studies suggest that women under-report cyber harassment due to feelings of shame, not over-report as the commentator suggests.

Remember, kids, if you ever feel like suggesting to a woman that something isn't a gender issue,

Animated gif of a guy saying "instead, try shutting the fuck up forever"

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