Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today's Forecast Calls For Male Tears

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Break out your Misandry brand rain buckets because the male tears are here.

I follow The Escapist on Facebook because I still do enjoy video games, even if the gaming community regularly disgusts me. Also, they regularly post about issues that make the cishet white geek boys cry their little baby eyes out.

Marvel Giving Thor's Hammer New Female Friendly Inscription

With a female Thor coming in October, Marvel has decided to change the inscription on Mjolnir to read "she" instead of "he."

Brace yourself! [Ableist language used in comments]

[Comment text: Sigh. We all know this is because everyone pointed out what the hammer said. I'm still more interested in how they are going to retcon/change the fact that THOR is ODIN's SON, an actual GOD and that his name was THOR BEFORE he got Mjolnir!
Also, I'm curious what their exit strategy is going to be when they give the hammer back to Thor in time for the Avengers movie next year..]

[Comment text: I'd be completely fine with this change if not for the fact that we all know Thor's from Norse mythology and that this is so obviously a forced change because they're stupidly trying to be so goddamn PC that it makes me sick.]

[Comment Text: I feel offended that my great heritage as a viking is being fucked around with. Why not just use actual Norse goddesses instead of fucking around with an angry god. We have sooo many strong female gods.]

[Comment text: the whole female Thor idea is just pain stupid. i'm not being sexist, but they shouldn't mess with the formula like that. Sam Wilson as Captain America? a new Ghost Rider in a car? Superior Spider-man? a silver Iron Man? killing off Wolverine? disney sucks] 

[Comment text: Yeah, Thor as a woman is a stupid idea. They are messing with mythology here, not an IP they created. It would be different with any other Marvel character. 

How about Iron Woman? An intelligent and tech savvy female CEO, confident, but not cocky, and a strong leader that believes that she doesn't need a man to define herself (basically, a more respectable version of Stark). Not to mention, her outfit wouldn't be any level of cheesecake.

Just don't mess with characters that are almost 2000 years old.]

[Comment text: Because Thor is totally a chick's name... le sigh.] 

[Comment text: They're just being silly, now. If the "target audience" can't identify this as simple pandering, that's their problem.]

David Tennant from Dr. Who standing in the rain looking sad with the text "MALE TEARS" below

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