Thursday, September 11, 2014

Recommended Reading


I'm not sharing an article or any kind of written piece that's longer than 140 characters on today's Recommended Reading. I want everyone to hit Twitter and enter "Muslim" into the search bar. Then scroll down and read both the heartbreaking stories about the rampant Islamophobia that Muslims in the US have had to deal with even before 9/11 (although it certainly became worse after) as well as all the disgusting Islamophobic tweets.

Well, not everyone. If you're already Muslim, then you live this shit, so you just take care of yourself today.

I haven't really discussed Islamophobia on this blog yet, but it's a problem in many parts of the world, from the French government banning head coverings to people assuming that Islam is a violent religion. When in reality, if you compare the two, Christianity is a lot more violent than Islam based on their corresponding holy books. Also more misogynistic. No seriously, the Bible is MESSED UP.

A lot of liberals tend to overlook Islamophobia, especially atheists. In fact, Islam tends to become a scapegoat when liberal atheist men want to pretend they care about women while also attempting to silence women in the US complaining about misogyny in the US.

But it's not just Republicans. It's not just atheists. It's not just your average ignorant person walking down the street.

Tweet by @gildedspine
[Tweet text: #YesAllWomen. I reveal in one tweet I'm Muslim. Even some feminists start bullying and attacking me, asking me why I started it when]

Feminists have also been guilty of spreading Islamophobia. Mostly my fellow white feminists. We've spoken over them, tried to tell them that the clothing they choose to wear is oppressive no matter what, that their very faith is inherently oppressive and that they need us to "liberate" them. We infantalize and dehumanize them and try to force our white Western views onto them as though we know what's best without understanding thing one about their faith or their culture. I was very guilty of this for many years.

We need to get our feminist heads out of our feminist asses.

Most of us know that the profiling is obscene, but there have also been plenty of hate crimes against anyone who even looks Muslim. Worse, Islamophobia has been exploited to help convince the public that murdering innocent people in countries that we perceive to be "Muslim countries" is perfectly fine. Literally millions of people have been killed because of that. Holding up Islam as an example of violent/misogynistic religion that can only hurt and oppress just makes that shit worse.

Islamophobia is not tolerated on this blog. I don't care how feminist you appear to be, Islamophobia will get you insta-banned. That is all.

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