Friday, September 12, 2014

Morning Announcements

It's still morning where I live.

Firstly, I got the internship! I'll be writing petitions for ForceChange, a petition site that focuses mainly on animal welfare and environmentalism. This will take up a few hours each week but not too much.

Second, schedule. I'm about to switch to a morning schedule at my new job and I've requested Sundays and Mondays off. So Mondays will be normal, but of course my blogging will be interrupted Tuesday-Friday. I'll have to decide whether I just want to be an evening blog or schedule all my posts for those days. On Fridays I will be occupied all day, so I'll be scheduling any Friday posts no matter what. Unless I want to be a weird blog that operates Sunday-Thursday. Who knows.

No matter what, blogging will keep happening. Even with my new job, I am constantly wanting to keep this blog updated. I love it so much. It's already made so many misogynists so mad, it just, it brings a little tear to my eye, I'm so proud.


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