Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Men Threaten Emma Watson for Saying a Thing

As you've probably heard, Emma Watson made a speech at the UN which was pretty awesome (even if it was too man-pander-y for my taste) about the need for feminism and how men need to get involved in it.

I'm here to kill your buzz by reminding you that any fucking time a woman tries to work toward furthering the liberation of women, there will be men threatening her.

Every. Time. These are not isolated incidents and this is not an idle threat. A lot of men participate in these vile attacks that have a singular purpose: silencing women. Keeping women from fighting their oppression. Keeping us down. Maintaining the culture in which men have power over us.

This is a serious thing. And it happens all. the. time.

I hope Emma Watson uses her money and power to destroy these 4chan pieces of shit.


Michelle White said...

The FBI have been trying for years. A friend told me there is literally a task force assigned to 4chan. Has been for almost a decade. I suspect the problem is that there are too many of them. Let's be real, if they had the nudes to leak they would have leaked them a long time ago.

Lindsey Weedston said...

You're probably right about that.

I'm glad the FBI is paying attention to that cesspool. Too bad the swamp scum would just slink off to some other site even if 4chan got shut down. I at least hope some people get sued.