Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Look At This Awesome Thing: Asexuality by Tiny Dinosaur

Oh my god this is so cute, I wish Tiny Dinosaur would teach so much more about asexuality, and, really, everything, but mostly about asexuality because people need to learn more about it! Many people, much more!

This was created by Tumblr blog New Ace on the Block, which is amazing. If you're looking for info on the basics of asexuality, there's no cuter way to learn than by this image set of a tiny dinosaur wearing a tiny sweater teaching with post-it notes!!

[Image text: Asexualty
-by Tiny Dinosaur] 

-Sexual attraction] 

-Romantic stuff
-Platonic stuff
Many different!] 

[If sometimes maybe sexual attraction;
-Grey asexual

[Is sexual orientation
-Like hetero, homo, bi, pan -sexual
all group very diverse!] 

[If unknown, asexual person maybe feel

[If awareness
-less sad
-less alone
-not broken
-not confused] 

[Thank for time!]

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