Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lessons In Ableism: Describing Blog Images

You may have noticed that there was no Gif of the Day yesterday. The reason for this was that I needed to research something before posting any more images or animated gifs, and I didn't have time because I was trying to squeeze in a job application and a couple decent posts before running off to spend quality time with loved ones before I start work.

It was pointed out to me over the weekend that my blog is not as accessible as it could be. Commenter Glenda Lee was kind enough to explain that a blind person using a site reader would have no idea what my Gif of the Day posts contained or what any of my images were about without text describing them.

This is what privilege is. Being a sighted person, I'd never had to think about what would happen if a blind person tried to access my blog. I apologize to everyone for not thinking of this before.

Luckily, the American Foundation for the Blind has a web page about how you can make your site more accessible. For example, using alt-text to describe the image or gif so that a site reader will explain what's there to the person using it. I now plan to do this for every image and animated gif I use. I'm also going to work on labeling the site structure as well as I can.

If you have your own blog, I encourage you to read the page by the AFB and remember to label all of your visuals. It doesn't take long and makes a big difference.

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