Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Special: I Can't Believe It's Not Illegal!

So okay I will post something, because it's very appropriate.

Someone I know recently took a job at Value Village. Last week he was made to watch a really blatantly anti-union video. It was seriously a video just to explain that unions are just out to get your money, won't really help you when you need it, and "if someone approaches you about a union, we strongly advise against signing up." (May not be an exact quote, but as close as he could remember.)

Apparently, this is an okay thing to do in the US. Because they're not threatening to fire you, take away benefits, lower pay, or take any other harmful action against you, it's not illegal. Companies can show their employees all the anti-union lie-filled propaganda they want.

I posted about this on my Tumblr account and got several responses from people who had been made to watch very similar videos at places like Macy's, Target, of course Walmart, and even small, local shops.

WTF is happening? Again, this is the kind of shit you see in dystopian fiction. I hear people complaining about "brainwashing" all the time (including to tell me I've somehow been brainwashed by feminists over the Internet), but no one's complaining about this shit. Oh wait, of course they aren't. Because the people who have to take these jobs are typically poor and often people of color.

Unions have come under such severe attack in this country. We definitely need a new labor movement. Seattle passed the "gradually move toward $15 an hour minimum wage over the next several years" bill but it's not nearly enough. We need new pro-union sentiment. Unions everywhere. Unions in retail, unions in fast food, unions for dog walkers. UNIONS. FUCK YOU, VALUE VILLAGE.


If you feel the need to do something right now, here's a Labor Day petition to support the Employee Empowerment Act to end discrimination against employees who speak out against unfair treatment.

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