Friday, August 15, 2014

This Is Why I Love Adventure Time

Princess Bubblegum and Marceline dated! The past they allude to between them in the show is when they dated! That's why Marceline gave PB a shirt and that's why PB wears it and smells it AHHHHHHHH.

I was at the studio on Tuesday and Pen was actually there because he was recording for Lumpy Space Princess and I wanted to ask him a lot of questions, because he’s trying to write the book and stuff so I wanted to pick Pen’s brain a little bit. And he says, ‘Oh, you know they dated, right?’ 

You can find a video in the Buzzfeed article.

What I've heard before is that they wanted to make it explicit in the show but Cartoon Network was all IT WILL MAKE THE CHILDREN'S HEADS EXPLODE and wouldn't let them. So they just heavily implied it. Good for them.

The writers of the show really are amazing. I love how consent is mentioned in multiple episodes, I love how strong and science-y PB is while still having flaws. I love how in that one episode, Finn finds armor that looks like it was "made for a woman" but Jake doesn't give a shit and jumps at the chance to wear it.

I love the Princess Cookie episode where when Jake finds out that the cookie guy wanted to be a princess, Jake totally accepts it and starts referring to him as "princess" without question. It's still shitty that they put him in some kind of mental hospital, but then Jake brings him a crown and all the other patients immediately recognize Princess Cookie as royalty.

I love how at first they treat Cinnamon Bun like he's "slow" but then he finds Flame Princess and you see how he blossoms under her acceptance and kindness into a knight, and I love the moment where he tells Princess Bubblegum "no." I love how the show portrays depression, not as sadness but as a blankness, an emptiness.

And I love that PB and Marceline officially dated. If an old tiny elephant and a pig can be together then why not two women?

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