Monday, August 25, 2014

"There's No REAL Sexism Anymore"

Today's edition of this post series is a special one, as this is one of those areas in which people assume men to be disadvantaged.

Flexible Work Requests Produce Fatherhood Bonus and Motherhood Penalty

You would expect that men who ask for flexible schedules in order to take care of their kids would be less likely to have the request granted than women, right? Because nobody thinks that men can take care of kids. Everybody's soooo nice to mothers, mothers get all the credit, poor fathers can't get a break, they're so looked down upon.


About 70 percent of the participants who read a transcript with a male employee said they would be "likely" or "very likely" to approve his request when it was for child care reasons, compared to only 56.7 percent of those who read the same transcript with a female employee. About 24 percent found the man to be "extremely likeable" compared to only three percent who found the woman "extremely likeable."

This is why father's rights organizations are so utterly full of shit. Fathers get all the praise and admiration for doing the most basic shit, while all parenting responsibilities are considered to be a default obligation for women. It's the woman's job, so why praise her for it?

Maybe that's why family courts are biased IN FAVOR of fathers. And apparently, so is everyone else.

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