Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Gender Wage Gap: It's Still Misogyny, Folks

People who say the gender wage gap is a myth show a remarkable inability to ask basic questions.

"Women choose jobs that pay less!"

Why? Why don’t those jobs pay more? Why is women’s work undervalued?

"Women work fewer hours than men to take care of their kids!"

Why? Why can’t men take equal responsibility for their children?

"Companies pay women less because they might have to take maternity leave!"

Why are companies assuming all women want kids? Why don’t most companies allow for paternity leave? Why don’t men demand it? Why can’t companies figure out that some women can’t give birth and some men can?

Literally anything used to “debunk” the gender wage gap can be linked to misogyny and sexism if you apply just a little bit of thought. Plus, the racial wage gap is always ignored. Disparities in the gaps between industries and managerial levels are ignored.

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Lindsey Weedston said...

Um. What exactly are you commenting on here? Because there's nothing in this blog post about office jobs or fun jobs or anything you said at all.

Also, do you really think steel mills and oil companies are going to hire women for those jobs? Women do try to get into jobs like that but they are actively discriminated against and harassed even if they do get hired.

Also "females" you're gross.