Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Spread the Truth: More On Ferguson


One thing that we can all do to help the people of Ferguson is to document what's happened and spread the truth. The police will try to cover up what happened and much of the media will present footage that only makes the protesters look bad. We have to counteract that.

Video showing peaceful protests as police in military gear roll in, with large SWAT-like vehicles and police dogs. Cops threaten the person taking video, pointing large guns at them while approaching.

Here you can watch as police march up the street, ordering people in their own backyard to go inside. When the residents refuse and put their hands up, shouting in protest, you can see a flash and then a clear canister of tear gas. Fired upon people standing on their own property.

Mic has more photos, tweets, and CNN footage of a cop calling protesters "fucking animals."

Here you can find footage of a woman who is six months pregnant being pulled from her car and forced to lie on her stomach as she screams to cops that she's pregnant and can't lie that way. Luckily, her baby appears to be fine. Why was she treated like this? She was yelling at cops from her car by way of protest. She and her companions were all unarmed. And maced.

I'll be adding to this post throughout the day as I find more.

UPDATE: Ferguson is now a no-fly zone.

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