Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shut Up About "Other" Countries Immediately

The More You Know

I want to expand upon the idea from this morning's post about the fucked up photo shoot that it's racist to always be derailing discussions about misogyny in the US and other white-dominated countries to say that there's worse or "real" problems in countries with mostly people of color, like India or Uganda or insert random Middle Eastern country here.

It's racist in general to focus all your outrage about what's going on in countries like these instead of focusing on the very real problems in the US. The US, Canada, the UK are not bastions of tolerance, acceptance and social enlightenment where women don't suffer. And they are not saviors whose job it is to come gallivanting into those "other" countries so that we can show them the way, the truth and the light.

Especially since whenever we do that, we just tend to screw things up and make everything worse because we don't know what the fuck we're doing because we don't bother to learn about other cultures and assume that our way is the best way.

I'm a white woman born and raised in the US. It is not my place to be going over to Saudi Arabia and telling the women there what they should do. If they request my help, I am more than happy to give it. But only under their specific instruction, because they know what they're doing and I don't. They know their own culture and what is best for them, and my culture is NOT better than their's.

In fact, a lot of these countries that these racists name were doing just fine with women's rights until we interfered and threw things into chaos, and plenty of them STILL have more female legislators than the US and have actually had female presidents and prime ministers! THE MORE YOU FUCKING KNOW.

So if you come to my blog to tell me I should stop complaining about street harassment or whatever because women in Somalia have it worse, I'm just going to tell you to come back when you've rid yourself of that pesky white/Western savior complex and are less of a racist shitbag.

You've been warned.

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