Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sexuality Does Not Equal Humanity

I hear a lot of arguments over and over that are used to defend men who harass and objectify women and/or to justify shaming women for their sexuality or dress. One of these goes as follows:

"What are men supposed to do? Shut off the part of them that makes them human?"

There's a landfill's worth of shit wrong with this. Including suggesting that male sexuality = dehumanization. And that men aren't responsible for their actions.

But what I want to point out how this statement bizarrely equates sexual desire with humanity. First of all, animals have sexual desire. Like, all of them. So, what?

Second, not all humans experience sexual attraction. Asexual people exist. They are still human. Not only that, there are men who don't ogle, harass, and dehumanize women. They are still human. Women don't tend to ogle, harass and dehumanize men. They are still human. Also, fuck your heteronormativity.

It is completely fucked up to equate sexuality with humanness. It's completely fucked up to equate the ability to dehumanize someone with humanity. Such an evil thing is not essential to humanity. Encouraging people to think that it is only enables abusers and rapists. So stop. Put this argument to bed. It's bad for everyone.

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