Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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This article explains exactly why, when some news surfaces about abuse of women in Middle Eastern countries or countries where Islam is dominant, I often won't report on it. Because everyone else will, and I'd rather focus on misogyny in my own country and others that are Western and white-controlled. 

This space is not for Islamophobes. My blog will not be contributing to the idea that Islam is a horrible religion for women and that Muslims are the worst oppressors of women. Having been raised Christian and studied the Bible, and from what I've been told by Muslim women about the Qur'an, this is blatantly untrue.

My blog is not here for you to come in and use your Islamophobia to pretend you're on my side.

And if you come here to say that head coverings are oppressive, you'll be kicked out of here faster than you can say "white savior complex."


This isn't 'feminism'. It's Islamophobia


Structural sexism does take place every day in our universities, as it does in our offices, shops and homes – and we should oppose it everywhere. But demanding that feminists of every race and faith drop all our campaigns and stand against "radical Islam" sounds more and more like white patriarchy trying to make excuses for itself: "If you think we're bad, just look at these guys." 
It's the dishonesty that angers me most. It's the hypocrisy of men claiming to stand for women's rights while appropriating our language of liberation to serve their own small-minded agenda. Far-right groups like the English Defence League and the British National party rush to condemn crimes against women committed by Muslim men, while fielding candidates who make claims like "women are like gongs – they need to be struck regularly".

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