Friday, August 22, 2014

Recommended Reading

Our Silence on the War on Drugs & Mass Incarceration Lead to the Insanity in #Ferguson

This is a good introduction and overview of how the racist "war on drugs" had led to our current situation, with deep mistrust of the police in predominantly black and low income neighborhoods, police profiling and brutality against black people, and the intense militarization of police forces across the US.

The sudden hyperbolic focus on drug-related crime resulted in a swelling of state and federal law enforcement and corrections budgets, an increase in criminal justice personnel, and the purchasing of equipment such as guns, vehicles, and advanced technological software to aid in the capture of the newest targets of the so-called war. What followed was in essence a replication by local police of the conduct that U.S. military characteristically engages in on foreign soil; but on a domestic level against its own citizens, often targeting inner-city communities mainly populated by Blacks and Latinos.

Of course, racism and particularly anti-black racism has a much longer history in the US, but the "war on drugs" was a huge step in the process of ensuring that people of color remain subjugated, terrorized, and under control.

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