Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oh Geek Culture, How I Hate You

I hate being a geek and having to see shit like this all the time:

Marvel is soon to release Spider-Woman #1, the inaugural comic in the "recently announced new 'Spider-Woman' ongoing series from Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land." That's pretty exciting, right? 
Except here is one variant cover for the comic designed by Milo Manara:

Oh, you wanted more female super heroes? Because you're women and want decent representation? Okay, here's a picture of one in an impossible pose who has apparently been pained red because no fabric in the known universe shows the ass crack like that. And it's by an old white guy! Enjoy!

Marvel, you were supposed to be the good one.


kelleth said...

You know, ALLOT more people would have been more supportive if people complained about the spider-men covers. Like The Amazing Spider-man 30 and 32 covers and Ultimate Spiderman vol 17 which showed the same thing.

Then again no one cares about male objectivity, only when women are involved I guess.

kelleth said...

And this is? Is that on paper? Its a shitty uninteresting extra cover, if no one complained about it no one would have noticed it exsisted.

In fact I only heard about it because people where arguing about it.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Yeah, people were upset because Marvel was supposed to be working on its whole "lack of any female characters for anything but spank material" problem, and then this appeared. If you want to see a billion more examples of ridiculously sexualized female characters in comic books, just type "female comic book characters" into Google images.