Friday, August 29, 2014

More Feminist Winning!


This day is full of feminist wins! How appropriate for my last day!

Again in California, Governor Jerry Brown just signed an awesome bill into law - the one that takes military sexual assault cases out of the chain of command to prevent the obvious bias and cronyism. This is the first state to sign legislation like this. It only affects the state military, but again, a step. It was also unanimously passed.

With the extremely rampant sexual assault in an institution which, at the very least, should be protecting the soldiers it sends to war, this is a very important step in fighting rape. As grim as things seem sometimes, the idea of rape culture has been getting a lot of attention and steps to end it have been taken in multiple areas of US government. Feminism is not only winning, it's actively helping a lot of people who need the most help.

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