Monday, August 11, 2014

Men Do Not Experience Sexism


I hesitated to use that title for this piece because I know a lot of men are going to feel their hackles rise when they read it, but I reminded myself that I'M NOT FUCKING SORRY.

So, onward.

No, men cannot experience sexism. Just like white people cannot experience racism.


Book Beating

I know that the dictionary has been treated as the ultimate authority on words, but trust me, it's not. You know how I know? The dictionary changes all the time. And in many academic and scientific communities, certain words come to have altered meanings.

For example, scholars who have dedicated their lives to issues of race and gender have come to agree on altered definitions of sexism and racism in order to combat the idea that prejudice against the oppressed and prejudice against the privileged is comparable.

Sexism = prejudice + power. Racism = prejudice + power.

You have to have power over a gender in order to be sexist toward them. However, you can still be prejudiced or biased against a privileged group. For example, I have less trust for men as a whole than I do for women or non-binary persons. That is a bias, and you could even call it prejudice. But there's a huge difference between this and sexism.

Power imbalance. Survival.

I was told my entire life, in so many words, that I was not to trust men. That if I wasn't careful, men would hurt me. Or even kill me. I have to be forever on my guard, following that long list of rules to protect myself against men, because if I broke one of those rules and I was hurt by a man, it would be my fault. I was taught that men were predatory by nature and as a woman, I just had to put up with it, and as a woman, I probably did something to bring it upon myself anyway.

So yes, when I walk anywhere alone, I am aware of the presence of men in a way that I am not of women. I automatically keep tabs on them, listen for their footsteps behind me, calculate whether I should cross the street. I cannot trust that unknown men won't hurt me, because doing so could literally get me killed.

This is not the same thing as when men hate or look down upon or dehumanize women. Most men have literally no reason to fear women. We have no power over them. If we could hurt them, it is much less likely to cause severe injury or be lethal. When women do kill men, they are very likely to be punished to the full extent of the law.

Women do not follow men down the street, they do not shout lewd comments at men on a regular basis to remind them of their vulnerable position.

This is not to say that there aren't women who have abused men. There are men who were abused exclusively by women when they were children who developed a perfectly understandable fear of women. But this is not an institutionalized, widespread problem. Government agencies, schools and parents don't give advice to boys on how to avoid being raped by women. Harassment and dehumanization of men isn't celebrated in top-grossing movies. There are no advertisements with men being pinned down or surrounded by women while the men look helpless or simply dead. A fear of women would be an irrational, psychological problem that would need to be treated with therapy, not something that is literally encouraged by the society we live in.

So you can see why there's a need to highlight the difference between sexism against women and "sexism" against men. Misandry irritates, misogyny kills. Trying to act as though they're equivalent is dangerous.

And yes, if men are victimized by women, they are unlikely to find much support from society, either. But the reasons for that comes straight from the reasons why so many women are victimized by men and then blamed for it. Society says that men are basically beasts who always want sex, they can't control it. So why would a man ever turn down sex? Men can't be raped, they always want it, according to what we're taught. You shouldn't have worn that dress, because men always want it. Sexual conquest is essential to masculinity, says society. If you didn't want it, if you were dominated instead of the one dominating, then you're not a man. You're gay, you're feminine, you're woman-like, and therefore bad.

This post was inspired by an article sent to me by a friend, written by a guy who had received complaints about his being "sexist" toward men. He was actually contacted by something called the "National Coalition for Men."

The author of the article rolls his eyes at most of their attempts to point out sexism against men in the media, which are basically all examples of the media focusing on women for once instead of focusing entirely on men. The rest of it is actually sexism against women.

Licht, for example, cites a story about Nigeria in which 59 school children were massacred by Boko Haram, but not until well into the story were they identified as boys, not "students." Imagine if they had been girls.

You want to know why they weren't identified by their gender right away? Because around the world, men are the default. They didn't need to mention that they were boys because we were meant to assume they were. Also, the gender of female students is usually pointed out in these situations because groups like Boko Haram target girls for their gender. The only reason to mention that they were boys in this case is not because Boko Haram hates boys, but because WHOA they targeted boys this time and sent the girls home, that's unusual.

And trust me, people care about the lives of boys and men. You should see the attention and praise received by posts on social media that focus on abused men. I have seen so many posts with men speaking out about their abuse that have people saying "I bet no one will reblog this because it's about men!" that have literally hundreds of thousands of likes and shares.

Don't worry, National Coalition for Men. People care about men. Men are gonna be just fine. But if you really want to help them out, try combating real sexism. I guarantee all your problems will vanish. Well, all the real ones, anyone. Your imagined problems will be there forever.


ScewMadd said...

Lel wut

thisone said...

"I know that the dictionary has been treated as the ultimate authority on words, but trust me, it's not."


Lindsey Weedston said...

Good to know I'm shaking things up enough to get passive aggressive dude comments.

Lachlan said...

Neither sexism nor racism are prejudice + power all the time, they just have been in the past. Claiming something like "men dont experience sexism" is absurd, and just shows that you're delusional.

Lindsey Weedston said...

1) That makes no sense.
2) You're boring.

Lachlan said...

I know that you'll likely delete this comment because it's constructive criticism, but at least you'll see it.

I've taken a look at your blog, and you average about 0.2 comments per post. Your views are quite extreme and founded from incorrect information or anecdotes, and you use trigger warnings so often they become a joke (one example was a trigger warning for animal abuse when a dog accidentally hit it's head on a table).

You're clearly quite misled. Even when you talk about genuine issues such as ferguson, which clearly had two sides, it's with an incredibly close-minded viewpoint. I personally believe that Wilson should absolutely have been indicted, but still can't take your post seriously because you can't even imagine that he may have been in the right.

So this has next to know chance of working, but I'm going to do it anyway. Look up some MRA arguments as to why men are underprivileged. I'm not an MRA myself, but the arguments MRAs make are often less trivial than feminists. Personally I choose not to identify with feminists or MRAs because of the extremists associated with both movements. Anita Sarkeesian is an example of an extreme feminist who is given favourable media attention due to harassment she recieves, saves and uses to portray herself as a victim.

Anyway, enough about myself. As I said, look up some MRA arguments and also look up some problems faced by women around the world. Look past this viewpoint of women being inequal to men in western society, because quite frankly it's no longer that simple.

In western society, men are inequal to women in many areas (legal system, social expectations), and women are inequal to men in many areas (representation in politics or business, some cases of violence). Issues of rape and abuse are no longer as simple as men's fault. Most issues of feminism lie in countries such as the middle east or asia, where women are significantly and obviously inequal to men. There are some countries in Africa that aren't even ready for feminism because of the political situation.

So why not turn this blog from edgy-extreme-feminist stuff to genuine issues experienced by both women and men? After all, that's what so many claim feminism is about; gender equality. You seem genuinely unhappy in the few times you do reply to comments. The "passive aggressive dudes" do have a point when it comes to this post, which quite frankly is illogical and silly. Prejudice and power is simply a situation in which sexism can occur, rather than a definition or definite situation.

In regards to being boring, my childhood was certainly that, but I wouldn't describe my current life as boring at all. I make money from investments, small businesses, side projects and the stockmarket which is quite risky and spend a lot of time travelling in dangerous parts of the world. As hobbies I make videos, help wildlife conservation and take an interest in politics, including gender issues.

I understand that it's hard to change anyone's viewpoint, but I hope this does in some way, and I hope you have a good day :)

And if you would like to discuss anything that isn't personal attacks, I'd be more than happy to.

thisone said...

When you say stupid things like "men do not experience sexism" and "white people do not experience racism", you're bound to rustle some jimmies.

Lindsey Weedston said...

First and only warning for using ableist slurs on my blog.

thisone said...

Okay, that still doesn't make what you said any less untrue.

Lachlan said...

I think you need to search up some of the things Anita Sarkeesian tweets if you don't think she's an extremist. She's also a con artist with connections to people convicted of fraud and only became involved with feminism when it made her money. Look up Jonathan McIntosh for further reading.

Misogyny hardly exists anymore. It means hatred of women or the belief that women are inferior. You're not oppressed. You're a white girl who's probably more privileged than most men in your country. It's not in any way racism when I say feminism is only needed in other countries, that's you being politically correct when you need to be.

I'm not an MRA, but if you look up the problems and inequalities faced by men they're far more substantial and statistically backed up. They aren't lies. They talk about significant problems rather than trivial things like women keeping their maiden name. I've never used reddit in my life.

I tried, you can keep being an unhappy white girl feminist who is ignorant of real problems that women face in the rest of the world, being different for the sake of it and going on about trigger warnings and how stretch marks are beautiful in your community of 1 person. It's a bit sad, but obviously your choice.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Well, if it's not untrue at all, then technically, it can't get any less untrue, so you're right.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Oh my god you are so boring. You have no idea that the U.S. has a higher rate of rape per capita than place like India, and you don't understand how privilege works. At least MRAs come up with something new on occasion. That John McIntosh thing is olllllldddd and played out, just another in a list of clearly bullshit and pretty sad attempts to discredit the scary feminist lady who says bad things about your video games :( :(.

Here, you're so boring that I have something bookmarked to counter you. You ARE racist.

Go cry somewhere else, little boy.

Lachlan said...

Nope, it's entirely true that Anita is a puppet. Old doesn't mean untrue. Search it up, also here's one video giving an overview of it. I completely agree that women are misrepresented in video games, but is Anita the right person to talk about it? Nope, not even close. I also wouldn't call them "my video games" since I can't remember the last time I played one, it must have been 4 or 5 years ago.

Racist? Nah, just not always politically correct. The legal system in most Asian countries is biased in favour of men, and rapists in poorer countries are far harder to bring to justice. Rape rates in the US are higher because institutionalised rape is so common.

While it's true that there are richer people in these countries, there's a much bigger gap between rich and poor and that's where first world problems becomes a relevant thing to say. The feminists in countries like the DRC or Sudan are rich women in positions of power. How do I know? I've been there. So yes, they have "first world problems" too, but the majority which is poorer do not. The article you linked is quite silly, she clearly doesn't understand the different contexts in which first/second/third world countries are named.

Anyway, you've not done anything apart from sounding even more miserable and link/talk about something refutable.

"Boring" means uninteresting, not wrong. I'm neither.

Lachlan said...

Did I say that India had a higher rate of rape than the US? No I didn't.

Quick thing about Jonathan McIntosh, I agree that it's old but so is feminist frequency. Anita's a puppet, she's admitted to not being a gamer herself, and when you look at her history she's likely not a real feminist either. Anyway, the scariest thing about her is how the media is compelled to support her because she plays a victim. Also, I've not played a video game since Star Wars Battlefront which was released in like 2005 or 6.

I don't understand how privilege works? Well privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. Now in our society, both men and women have these things, therefore you can't call either side privileged.

Your linked article is silly because it's talking about rich people in developing countries. Third, second, first world doesn't mean much anymore, although the phrase "first world problems" is still reasonably valid.

The media portrays these countries as worse than they are, but make no mistake, they're still incredibly poor and chaotic. Feminists in countries like the DRC, Cambodia, Nepal, Sudan etc are rich, privileged women, much like most feminists still in the US.

It's not racist when I say that the legal system in much of Asia is biased towards men, and that's a problem. It's not racist when I say that women are treated as a joke in the Congo, and that's a problem. But talk to the average woman in these countries (hint- they aren't rich like these feminists) and they'll not give a damn about objectification or gender roles, they're just trying to get by. Feminism is needed in theory, but it's not relevant.

Boring is an odd ad hominem because you don't use it correctly. It means uninteresting, not wrong.

Lachlan said...

thisone said...

Too bad the condition that your statement is true isn't being met. Then we could both be right.

Lindsey Weedston said...

This is the nerdiest "is not" "is too" argument I've ever had.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Oh my god. Do you have anything original to say? I've rejected the gamer label on and off in my life, too. Doesn't make me unqualified to say that video games have a misogyny problem. It's clear as day. And then you say you haven't played a game in a long time, so how are you qualified to talk about any of this, and to the point, why do you care?

There is literally no evidence that Anita is a "puppet." It's an old conspiracy theory, and that video you sent me (comments with links get tagged for moderation before publishing to prevent spam, btw) is refuted for me in the top comment. Also, "playing the victim" LOL that's rich, coming from someone who's defending MRAs.

Yeah, you clearly don't understand how privilege works.

You clearly didn't read through the material provided. You're wrong about feminists in the countries you listed. It's racist to ignore the problems in the US to pretend like you understand legal systems in countries dominated by people of color.

And using the term "ad hominem" does not make you look smart, especially when you're using it wrong. I'm just straight up insulting you, dude. You're boring AND wrong.

Lachlan said...

I'd happily call myself a gamer, but I haven't played games in ages. Video games having a belief that women are inferior is somewhat true, but using lies to argue that (like Sarkeesian does) isn't the way to do it. I'm qualified because I've watched her videos and then researched what she says, which is bullshit. If you had done the same you'd know the same as me.

No, there is a lot of evidence that Anita is a puppet, it's just that the only way to put things together is to ask her herself, and she's lied many times before so she's not exactly the best of sources. She's been involved in scams and was only a feminist once she met her ridiculously left wing SJW boyfriend with radical views. This theory is supported by her trying to discredit it at XOXO festival.

She does play the victim. She summarises gamergate to an abuse campaign when the abusers were mostly trolls. She constantly publishes photos of people abusing her, some of which are just asking why she disables ratings and comments, and then she goes on to complain about women being victimised in video games.

Privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. How am I exclusively privileged as a man, because both genders have different privileges according to the definition.

You don't explain how I'm wrong. I've been to these countries, the only people who give a shit about feminism are rich, privileged women.

I was talking about Asia, where the legal system is biased in favour of men, especially the domestic legal system. I know this from research and personal experience from a family member who married someone in Singapore and then got nothing in divorce despite earning more than him and fully owning the house they were staying in.

Ad hominem is commonly used, it means personal attack in place of an argument without explanation.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Sigh. So you get to call yourself whatever you want, but Anita doesn't. Of course.

Look, you're convincing nobody who's at all reasonable of your conspiracy theories. There's no proof of what you claim, only a bunch of loose conjecture. The shit you're talking about was retracted by the original author of the single article it's based on.

I've watched her videos too, and I've actually played the games she's talked about and learned about feminist theory and read studies, and it's pretty easy to see that she's right. Even her most adamant critics can't find any untruths in her videos.

LOL wow, if publishing the proof that people demand of people abusing her is "playing the victim," then she just can't win, can she?

You can stop demonstrating that you don't understand how privilege works now. And I posted a long piece explaining why your imperialist bullshit is racist. Not my fault if you don't actually read it. I'm not saying that there aren't laws in places like Signapore that are sexist. What's racist and shitty is saying that nobody should talk about sexism in the US and that we white people should focus on how awful those "other" countries are when all we ever do when we interfere is fuck everything up. See: Entire world history.

That's not what ad hominem is. Ad hominem means focusing on something negative that a person did or said instead of making a counter argument. Calling you "boring" in addition to countering your arguments is just me insulting you.

I'm officially completely tired of you now. You have nothing real to say, so be prepare to be mad about being banned.

Race Carrington said...

a man can face a negative situation at work or where ever and he has to suck it up, same thing happens to a woman and it's sexism. I've seen blatant sexism towards men but it doesn't matter so I guess it doesn't exist.
A black man in my home town shouted I'm going to punch the first white person I see and he punched a 70 yr old man in the face who died later in the hospital. White men can't experience racism? lol

Lindsey Weedston said...

I don't know if you failed to actually read the post or if it just went over your head.

John Smythe said...

Misandry is not women oppressing men. It is men oppressing men. It is white men oppressing black men. It is fathers abusing sons. It is mothers pushing sons to be masculine. It is homophobia and transphobia, both of which kill far more gay men & trans women than cis women. It is toxic masculinity.

It is white women's racism towards men of color (which is the root of feminism and any argument to the contrary is rooted in racism as well). You have no idea how stupid you sound telling men of color they are represented in Congress. Nobody is represented in Congress except rich whites (men and women). Get back to me when white women are forced to live on the opposite side of town from men, or when your family is a few generations from being owned as livestock. You are not oppressed at all.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Well, misandry isn't real, so it isn't any of those things. It's certainly not homophobia or transphobia. Homophobia is homophobia, and, by the way, transphobia is when you believe that trans women are actually men and not women. That fact that trans women are killed at much higher rates than trans men in called transmisogyny.

Also, racism is racism. I know playing Oppression Olympics is fun when you hate feminism, but I'm talking about men as a whole vs. women as a whole. If you'd read my blog at all, you'd know that I'm well aware that white feminism has a racism problem, though it's ridiculous to say that feminism is rooted in racism. Or at the very least, it shows you have a narrow, US-centric view of the world.

You don't have any understanding of how privilege works, and I'm guessing that's by design. Men of color still have male privilege just like white women have white privilege. And the people you're totally giving the finger to with your little rant is women of color.

But you're clearly just a raging misogynist. "Paying for your degrees in being oppressed." That's exactly something a racist white person would say. Women experience their own share of hardships and your refusal to acknowledge this is the definition of misogyny. Piss off my blog forever.

Lindsey Weedston said...

PS. I wonder if Occupy Long Beach knows how much of a misogynistic asshole you are? I wonder how they would react if they knew? Hmmmm...

Javier Santana said...

Shouldn't sexism men experience be called something completely different? Men do experience "sexism", however, the sexism men experience is not even in the same realm as the sexism women experience. I'm not advocating that men require any more attention than they already get. I just want to be technically correct here. I'm writing a paper and came across this blog post :)

Pax said...

Was this made as a satire of Feminism? No one can actually write this kind of hypocrisy and not see it themselves. So, on that note, good satire of Feminism. Way to cut through and show them exactly like they are, hypocrites wanting not equality but special rights and special privilege. Good job.

Trent Max said...

Oh, this has got to be the "Cards Against Harassment" chick. Total racist. Total misandrist. Clearly will NEVER change. The only good news is that she will never breed. Hate makes you infertile.

Michelle White said...

Great article! As someone who has an advanced degree in communication I can say, without a doubt, that there are two meanings for every symbol or word in this case. The dictionary provides denotative or literal meanings but there are also connotive meanings which are what society and culture dictate as meanings. I can also say, without a doubt, that both sexism and racism have connotations of power which means those who don't have it cannot exert it. This is all really basic linguistics/ semiology. If there needs to be some evidence to this argument I can post plenty of professional studies done that back this. Karen Ashcraft, Geert Hofstede, Ting-toomy, MacKinnon, Kramare, Gerdin and countless others have all done research on this argument so instead of going with your gut and your clouded world view, try opening up and actually listen to muted groups before writing your ill informed comments.

Lindsey Weedston said...

That's right, I want the "special privilege" of not having to be afraid to walk alone at night. How terrible of me.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Why thank you, Ms. White, for that thoughtful and well-reasoned response. It's always nice to get a comment from someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Then how do you explain the entire Westboro Baptist Church?

Latrece Hoskins said...

thanks for this article. i've just sent it to a trans man who seems to think that women giving him a wide berth late at night is the "inner workings of sexism." !!!!

Latrece Hoskins said...

comment i'm referring to:

Lelmrasam said...

Oh my god

Lelmrasam said...

You feminists are so adorable. Western women are the most privileged gender of a race ever. Period. You have more rights and privileges than at any time in history. But us over here at mra city have realised that men and women are oppressed because guess what? We work for longer spend less killed more than our female counterparts plus..... Males and females are raped just as often as each other when you count envelopment. So take your nose out of your gender studies textbook and spend time around normal people. You know 'the still oppressed women who need liberating and the dirty men who want to rape you

Lelmrasam said...

By the way I feel threatened. For my sons who will have to deal with disgusting people like you with daddy problems. So in short, welcome to 2015 where 80s feminism is dead.

Lelmrasam said...

You don't have a clue of the outside world do you. I bet you got this straight from your gender studies textbook. Do you know your father? Were you raped by a man? Because you have a deep seated irrational phobia of men. We're not peadoes and rapists. If someone burgled your house 70 per cent chance a guy helps you.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Those are some wildly inappropriate questions there, bro. Funny how it's only men who seem to ask me shit like this. Gee, why don't I trust men?

Not sure where you pulled that statistic from, either. Maybe from the gender wage gap.

Lindsey Weedston said...

You actually work less when you take into account housework, you spend a LOT more, and you're killed more because you take more pointless risks and kill each other all the time. But yeah western women are the privileged ones.

Also there have been actual matriarchies in multiple non-western countries throughout history. Maybe you should stop complaining about my gender studies books and check out something on world history!

Lindsey Weedston said...

LOL sure. And wow "daddy issues" what a typical and extremely fucked up and misogynistic old insult. You are so banned.

Mimi said...

"Daddy problems?" How original.

MIstwalker said...

No, we shouldn't quote the dictionary, or use the definition people agree on. Instead, we should cling to victimhood while lashing out, and start redefining words to excuse our own, abhorrent behavior.

Or, we could do another thing. We could NOT lie about what words mean to try to get ourselves off the hook for poor behavior. How about, instead of that, we try to NOT be sexist, or racist, or bigoted? Because, racism means treating people differently based on race, and sexism means treating people differently based on sex, full stop. If you can't accept the actual definitions of these words, you're probably sexist or racist.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Yeah, I'm the one clinging to stuff. Did you know that one dictionary just added words like "genderqueer" and "non-binary" and similar? Can you guess which one? You need to guess, because every dictionary is different and they're all constantly changing and updating!

Stop clinging pointlessly to dictionary definitions and actually educate yourself on the realities of systemic oppression before you run your ignorant mouth hole.

MIstwalker said...

I'm sorry, but I'm not the one inventing new definitions of words to excuse my own bigotry, and then whining like a fucking four year old when people call me on it.

Suck in that lip, dry up those tears, and grow the fuck up. Sexism is sexism, regardless of who does it. You don't get out of it just because you don't like it being applied to you.

Lindsey Weedston said...

LOL, you think I "invented" the idea that sexism = privilege + power? Academics have been working with this definition for decades. It's not my fault you're completely ignorant on the subject.

Seriously, educate yourself or go away.

"Grow the fuck up" in other words "stop talking about things I don't like and spreading ideas that threaten my privilege!" Nope, I'm going to talk about it even more.

Amy Cooper said...


Lindsey Weedston said...

No you don't.

Leonard Anderson said...

Its funny the amount of women that quote the dictionary meaning of feminism as the holy grail, just after I criticise the very same movement now trying to tell me "I know that the dictionary has been treated as the ultimate authority on words, but trust me, it's not." I can't wait to tell those women that the dictionary is wrong! feminism is not about the equality between men and women! Especially when certain feminist don't even recognise men as human beings enough to acknowledge the fact, men too are discriminated against.What a joke! you have to have power over someone to discrimination against them? What like the power you have to tell the world how discrimination works? The power to influence meaning in words and the power to take authority over the dictionary meaning? Check your privilege! Your feminism is showing.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Actually I don't agree with the dictionary definition of feminism.


Elizabeth Johnson said...

Hey! I'm really interested to read more of the professional studies. Would you have any links so I may read more? I like to have scholarly material from which to pull to corroborate arguments, as white men in particular feel especially threatened by the statement that they don't feel systematic racism/sexism. I don't really understand why.
It took me a while to grasp this concept when taking a class on prejudice and discrimination, and the professor said "occasional moments of prejudice does not equal sexism or racism against the majority group."

Leonard Anderson said...

Now nothing! You just proved my point.

Lindsey Weedston said...

So you tried to pull a gotcha on me based on the assumption that I go by the dictionary definition of feminism and/or that all feminists exist in a hive mind and I said "um no" and that proved you point? How?

You act like the meaning of words are handed down by god or something. Words are created and changed by the common people. That is the only way that ever happens. And any power that the common people have is earned through cooperation and fighting for justice, not unfairly handed to the through birth, like those with societal privilege.

But I can understand why you would so fear the power of feminists :)

Leonard Anderson said...

“So you tried to pull a gotcha on me based on the assumption that I go by the dictionary definition of feminism”

Umm no! That’s not what I said! I think you need to go back and read my original comment carefully.

“or that all feminists exist in a hive mind and I said "um
no" and that proved you point? How?”

Again not what I said! That’s not what I even implied! I was
agreeing with you about your assumption that the dictionary definition wasn’t the correct way to define feminism! And you just agreed with me. Hence the “you proved my point” statement.

“You act like the meaning of words are handed down by god or

I do? I’m not the one assuming to have the authority to change
dictionary definitions!

“Words are created and changed by the common people.”

Yes! There called slang or more formally colloquial language.
But it’s a completely different matter whether or not they end up in the dictionary! And arrogant to assume you can merely change those words without contest!

“And any power that the common people have is earned through
cooperation and fighting for justice”

OK? Again still very arrogant to assume yourself as authority enough to change words just because you feel like it, without contest.

“not unfairly handed to the through birth, like those with
societal privilege.”

You need to revise this sentence!

“But I can understand why you would so fear the power of
feminists :)”

And what power is that exactly? The power to believe they can
change words to suit their own definitions?

I’d say your number one problem in this conversation is that you
assume too much!

Lindsey Weedston said...

Lmao. Sure. You didn't mean any of what you said now that I've called you out on your bullshit. Mmhmm.

You still don't seem to have any concept of how language works so maybe you should toddle off and bother someone else until you do.

Leonard Anderson said...

I think at this stage you’re just confusing yourself!

I meant what I said
about your reasoning behind men not being able to be discriminated against because
of our so-called power and privilege, being an absolute joke of reasoning!

But if you paid attention in the first place I was also
speak about those self-proclaimed feminists using the dictionary definition to
describe the entirely of feminisms goals(gender equity). To which you also
agreed with me, stating that you too don’t use the dictionary to describe

So where is the argument here? We are both agreeing on the
same issue, but you seem to have glossed over the main point of my original comment.

Let me say it again! It’s ironic that someone such as you
would assume to have the authority (power) to believe they can change the
meaning of words to suit themselves. And at the same time tell an entire gender
(men) that can’t be discriminated against, because of their so-called power and
privilege. You and other feminists are assuming power and enacting upon the privilege
of creating your very own definitions to words that suit your own personal and political

That’s power and that’s most certainly privilege! And what happens
to men in the process? So far men have been completely powerless to stop the
already advancing madness that is feminism! Manspreading, shirt-gate, Ban bossy,
poverty is sexist, slut walks (yeah like they’re going to stop rape!) topless rally’s,
just to name a few. But what am I talking about! It’s not just men expressing a
huge sigh over what feminism has become, take women against feminism for example:

Tiffany Wright Gibson said...

Here's an aggressive woman comment who is a very strong and independent woman. You are completely full of yourself and in truth a sexist yourself. Just because you were raised to fear men does not mean your views of men are true. You are also sexist towards woman by suggesting we are never in a position higher than or man and for suggesting that woman can neither seriously harm a man or have the ability to defend ourselves if attacked. Woman are still being treated as unequals in some very serious ways but having. Making people see us as equals is what will make us equals. NOT some self-aggrandized chick who preaches men do not deal with sexism. That statement in itself is sexist. You sound hateful, ignorant and full of yourself. You're arguments to defend your words are juvenile and plainly exactly what I expected. I said it and I don't give a fuck either.

Tiffany Wright Gibson said...

Were you raped? Did you know your father? I'm a woman and I asked. Ask me if you want. My answer will not help your agenda. You are a radical feminist and the things you say ARE ignorant, hateful and sexist. You're living proof that not all educated people are intelligent and can still be ignorant. Honestly I have never been ashamed to be a woman until I read your blog. I am truly sickened and shaking with anger.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Fuck you. They're fucked up questions no matter who asks and asking them just to be like "LOOK I'M A WOMAN AND I'M ASKING," as some shitty "gotcha" moment just makes you look worse. If you don't want to look at these issues from an actually useful viewpoint of systemic oppression, fine, but that doesn't give you the right to violate my boundaries. The fuck off my blog.

Lindsey Weedston said...

I'm talking big picture. A single woman could have power over a single man if she's his boss, or based on her race, class, sexual orientation or gender identity type, but he would still have power over her based on gender. You need to learn how privilege-based power works. I never suggested that men can't seriously harm men or that we can't defend ourselves, but big picture, men are wayyy more likely to seriously injure women, and you know this. Don't put words in my mouth because you can't deal.

Men will never see us as equals just by us pretending we are in a society that is constantly saying otherwise. You can scream that we're equal until you're blue in the face but men won't listen to you, not really. If that actually worked, men wouldn't still be abusing, raping, and killing us at such astronomical rates. Equity would be a thing.

Open your eyes. You're not helping yourself or anyone else.