Thursday, August 28, 2014

Look At This Awful Thing: Girlfriend Intervention

Notice I said awful, not awesome.

A friend alerted me to this and my reaction to the headline "Lifetime Promises To Bring Out The 'Strong Black Woman' In White Women" was just "oh god."

I'm a white woman so it's not a good idea for me to write about this. Instead, I found something by a woman of color. She briefly and hilariously summarized why this is awful.

Courtesy of Jamilah King:

Because black women make great accessories for folks basking in too much white privilege, Lifetime has announced a new show called “Girlfriend Intervention.” From the looks of it, the show — featuring four stereotypically “strong” black women (Tracy Balan on beauty, Nikki Chu on “home and sanctuary,” Tiffiny Dixon on fashion and  reality star Tanisha Thomas) — will bring out the “girlfriend” in timid white women.

You should go read the rest because it includes a clip from a hilarious review of the first episode.

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