Monday, August 11, 2014

Gaza Day of Rage Photos

My camera phone is pretty shitty but here's what I got. I blurred out any recognizable faces just in case.

It was a pretty good turnout. There were a couple hundred people there easy by the time the march started. Interesting range of people, too. Quite a lot of middle aged to elderly white people, as well as your hippy white boys, among people who appeared to have roots in the Middle East. It felt good to be part of a decent sized protest for the liberation of Palestine, although it's nothing like protests in other places around the world.

Here's the protest from the same day in Cape Town, South Africa:

Estimated 200,000 people at this protest. The US is fucking sad.


nope said...

While I agree that the US is fucking sad, I would expect there to be a huge turn out in South Africa due to their too-recent struggles with genocidal apartheid (which was also supported by so-called "first world" countries).

Lindsey Weedston said...

That's a really good point.