Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gaming Companies to Support


I know the text is all small so let me transcribe it for you in case it's too hard to see:

[Author note: SJW = social justice warrior(s)]

EA: Aside from buying and destroying franchises, EA likes to hide behind the LGBT movement and call anyone that disagrees with the "homophobes." 
BioWare: SJW pandering by including badly written LBGT characters in pretty much every situation. Also hiding behind the LGBT crowd. [Author note: How dare you insult Steve Cortez.] 
thomas was alone (Mike Bithell Games): Openly supports Zoe Quinn, said that people who are against her shouldn't play his games. 
Double Fine: Tim Schafer personally supports Anita Sarkeesian. 
Polytron/Phil Fish: Buttbuddies with the whole SJW/Indie clique, defends Zoe Quinn.
RedThread Games: Actively support Anita Sarkeesian. 
Fullbright: SJW panderers, inside the SJW/Indie clique, supporters of Zoe. 
Vlambeer Games: Open supports of Zoe Quinn and the whole SJW group. 
Love Conquers All Games: SJW supporter, got articles on Kotaku by Patricia Hernandez.
Anna Anthropy: Very active in the SJW circlejerk, got Patricia Hernandez to namedrop her several times in Kotaku articles. 
Robin Arnott: Confirmed one of Zoe's Five Guys, part of the SJW clique, pushed Zoe's Depression Quest ahead of games like Paper's, Please! and Crypt of the NecroDancer on IndieCade because he was a judge. [Author note: This is a new one] 
David S Gallant: SJW supporter, friend of Zoe, helped spread misinformation about TFYC [Author note: TFYC = The Fine Young Capitalists], harassed JonTron after what he said on Twitter. [Author note: JonTron is a dick]

So yeah, if you want to piss off misogynist gamer bros, support all of these companies. Except maybe EA because they are dicks for other reasons, but that's pretty hard because they publish EVERYTHING.

Feel free to use the transcription and remove my author notes if you want to post about this yourself wherever. I'm nice like that.

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