Friday, August 22, 2014

Ferguson Update


Back to this. Let us not forget.

Yesterday the Missouri governor told the National Guard he summoned to GTFO. Because there's been "relative calm." Unclear as to whether that's because the police has actually been behaving better or annoying white anarchists and white racists have stopped looting and trying to provoke the police. People are still being arrested and police continue to use intimidation tactics, armored vehicles and riot gear.

From the same article: People are demanding that Robert McCulloch, the St Louis county prosecutor, be removed from the case, as he has conflicts of interest. "Protesters have questioned the impartiality of McCulloch, who has deep family ties to local police, including his father, an officer who died during an encounter with a black man." A fresh round of protests are being planned around this.

A grand jury has convened to decide whether to indict Darren Wilson. That jury has been found to be 75% white in a town that is 67% black. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

A lot of people are saying that conviction of Darren Wilson is very unlikely. I can't even laugh mirthlessly at that. That's actually terrifying.

1000 roses have been laid down on the street where Mike Brown was murdered. It's beautiful.

Someone may have just been killed in Ferguson. Witnesses saying it was a girl running from shooting cops. This is horrible. This must stop.

What else can I say. I don't know.

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