Monday, August 18, 2014

Feminist Music

You know, it's not easy to find feminist music. Female artists and female-led bands are hard enough to find on their own, but trying to find a song that's explicitly feminist is a bit of a Holy Grail situation. It doesn't help that I'm so picky with music.

But with some Google research and patience, I've put together a playlist on Spotify that I've named The Matriarchy. It's the official playlist of the matriarchy, you know. 100% female voices. Many of them have explicit feminist themes, others are just about women who aren't taking anymore shit.

Unfortunately, some of the bands/groups/singers are problematic faves. But seriously, limited options.

So I thought I would occasionally share some of the songs on the playlist, since I don't think I can straight up embed it into this blog. One of the best ones that I discovered in my research is Patriarch on a Vespa by Metric, a band I had not heard of before. This four-person rock band is three men and a woman singer from Canada. Patriarch on a Vespa is from their second album, released in 2005.

I didn't love the song at first, but it had to be on my playlist. It's since grown on me. I love the title, of course. I've never seen a song title with the word "patriarch" or "patriarchy" before, and the lyrics are really interesting. My interpretation is that women are trapped by the patriarchy, and we all try to work within the system to "fix it" when we should just tear it down, because trying to do more while confining ourselves to old rules created by men is killing our spirits (see the Supermom trope). This is definitely an idea I agree with, which is probably why I interpreted it that way.

Anyway, YouTube video:


Natalie Pearse said...

I love the song. I've been listening to some punk stuff my aging punk rocker friend gave me- and album called 'Penis Envy' by a band called Crass. I don't know a lot about Crass and I am seriously mentally under-equipped when it comes to interpreting lyrics into something that makes sense but I like what I can make out.
I look forward to seeing the rest of the playlist!

Lindsey Weedston said...

I'll have to check that out! Thanks :D