Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Domestic Violence Not Actually A Crime In the UK


Yeah. You read that right.

This revelation comes from a link in an article sent to me by a friend which discusses the rise in domestic violence as well as the decline in women's shelters in the UK.

One again, domestic violence: on the rise, not a crime, shelters closing.

The shelters are closing due to a lack of funding. Well, UK, maybe they would get more funding IF THE ISSUE WAS TAKEN MORE SERIOUSLY LIKE YOU KNOW IF IT WAS AN ACTUAL CRIME.

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But no.

Presently, the laws used to prosecute domestic violence focus on specific crimes such as rape, assault and kidnapping, which means without physical injury, cases are hard to prosecute. But domestic violence isn't a single, violent act – it can comprise years of ongoing physical and mental abuse which must be taken into account by the law if women are to be fully protected from an abusive partner.

You would think that if they weren't going to have domestic violence as its own crime, they would prosecute it as assault or whatever. But no.

Instead police often use “community resolutions” to resolve domestic violence disputes. In these cases perpetrators avoid court action and get away with simply apologizing to the victim.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? If there's one thing abusers are great at, it's fake apologies. This is complete and utter bullshit and it makes it entirely unsurprising that domestic violence is getting so bad there.

“These types of remedies may be effective for some crimes — but domestic violence is not one of them,” says Horley. “When women make the extraordinarily brave step of reporting their partners to the police, they must feel confident that they have the full weight of the law behind them.” 
Having the police come over to your home to elicit an apology out of your partner is not enough and actually rather dangerous. There is the possibility that being forced to apologize might further anger an already angry person, putting women and children in harm’s way yet again.

Yeah, no kidding.

And why are so many shelters closing?

Lack of funding because refuges do not admit men is the root cause of many of the closings.

It doesn't elaborate, but I can't help but feel like this is the work of MRAs. Maybe not directly, but their constant whining about how women's shelters don't allow men instead of working to fund separate shelters for men (something that would actually make sense for a movement which claims to exist to support men) could be getting into the brains of people who might donate. Or maybe their claims that sexist against women isn't a problem anymore, or their false claims that 40% of DV victims are men.

The thought that their constant goddamn lies might be actively hurting women makes me want to bring them down all the more. If this isn't a hate movement, I don't know what is.

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