Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Boycott Thought Catalog

Do not go to their website. I don't even care if they publish something that sounds good. Don't click on any link going to Thought Catalog. If you do by accident, leave immediately so that you're part of their bounce rate.

The shit they allow to be published on that website is fucking awful. "Free speech" blah bleh ptthhhbbbbbt. No, sorry, the safety of oppressed people overrides some bloated version of free speech that doesn't actually exist except in your head when you want to justify bigotry in the name of ad revenue.

Exercise your right to boycott shitty websites that publish awful, hateful, bigoted articles that spread attitudes that get people killed.

Also, Gavin McInnes is a massive pile of shit and his fans are dung beetles. I don't want to talk about the latest pile of poo runoff he just published, but it is especially vile and poisonous and just do not go to Thought Catalog. If you have to yell at him, he has a Twitter account.

If you're really curious and HAVE to know what I'm talking about, below is a link created with handy website Do Not Link, which allows you to show people web pages without improving their search engine rating or visitor count.


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FormerlyLisaS said...

I made it about a paragraph in. And I just couldn't continue. Can't even imagine all the high giving and back slapping going on in the comments from his fellow bigots. I shudder...