Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Activism Opportunity: Michael Brown Vigils

Someone's put together a Google Doc containing information about vigils across the US being held for police murder victim Michael Brown. It will simply be a mass moment of silence - not a protest. The moment of silence will begin at 4:20 PM PST. Participants are asked to wear a red cloth on their arm to show solidarity.

There will be a vigil in Seattle at the Queen Anne Baptist Church. Not sure if I'll be there, but if I decide to go, I'll announce it.

They're trying to get more states to do vigils, so if you're planning on holding one or know of one that's not on the list, contact @FeministaJones on Twitter and let her know. You can also check out the event's general Facebook page.

More information is available in the Google Doc, so please read the whole thing if you want to participate.

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