Monday, July 14, 2014

Welcome to Not Sorry Feminism


Hello, and welcome! This is the very first post on Not Sorry Feminism, a blog for women and feminists who are tired of apologizing. This introduction piece can also be found on the About page, because laziness! Enjoy!

Not sorry feminism came about from a singular desire to stop being sorry - about my feminism, about my self-expression, about my passion, about my voice, and about my existence. Women have a tendency to apologize for the very things that make up the state of existing. We apologize before voicing and opinion. When we try to get our needs met. When we take up space.

"Sorry, but I think..."

"Sorry, could I have some more blanket?"

"Sorry, but you're standing on my foot."

Enough. No more apologizing for our existence.

The reason we apologize is because we subconsciously know we're doing something we're not supposed to - that is, something considered undesirable by society. And by society, I mean men. Men don't want to hear our voices or share their world. Women are shamed for speaking up and taking up space from a very young age, and so we apologize for it.


Not Sorry Feminism is about refusing to apologize for existing as a woman. It's also about refusing to apologize for being a feminist and fighting to end the oppression of women. It's about refusing to make feminism more comfortable for men, refusing to soften the message or alter language to make it more "palatable." 

There will be no "not all men" here.

No "what about the men."

No space made for men and the problems caused by the patriarchal system they built backfiring on them. No hand holding. No cookies.

In this space, I will be frequently calling men out and talking about the things men do to women. "Violence against women" will be referred to as "male violence against women." Men's obsession with the young teenage female form will be referred to as "pedophilia." There will be no mincing of words. This is about brutal, unapologetic honesty. This is about presenting the world as it really is, without apology,

I'm not sorry.


Choux said...

Just as a technical comment, I think that an adult attracted to teenagers is called a Hebophile. But still a pedophile.

Not Sorry Feminism said...

I've heard "pederast" as well but when talking about the general phenomenon of men idealizing infantile characteristics of women, I'm using the term that pacts the most punch.

Choux said...

Pederast? I haven't heard that before. Interesting phrase. I think Pedophile will suit your purposes.

nope said...

pederasty is m/m. hebephile does refer to a specific age group (early adolescence), as does ephebephile (later adolescence). that said, this shit is usually minced about so these people don't have to suffer under the weight of being vilified as a pedophile. those who fall under the label of pedophile are soundly immediately recognized as their particular brand of monster. the other words prompt a moment of pause and investigation, or provide a nuance that is supposed to be "less bad," because being attracted to a 12 year old, or 15 year old is somehow more acceptable than being attracted to a 7 year old. fuck that. they are all children.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Well said.