Thursday, July 31, 2014

Petition Time


Let us not pretend that feminism doesn't still have a problem with hatred for trans women.

A music festival in Michigan has apparently been excluding trans women for a long time with the bullshit excuse that trans women don't have the same experiences as cis women, because they believe that trans women are "born men." This, of course, is incorrect and general transmisogynistic bullshit.

So here's a petition to tell them to fucking stop:

End Transgender Exclusion from Michfest

We need to always stand up against transmisogyny in feminism. Until we are fully inclusive of every single woman, our movement is not good enough.

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Choux said...

It's weird, a good friend of mine, who is an active feminist, has a roommate who is trans. We're all friends and I know that my friend cares about her. But my friend is always complaining to me that Lily doesn't dress "girly" enough. So we can't support trans women unless they REALLY look like women? What does that even mean?
We have a long way to go.