Friday, July 25, 2014

People Doing Awesome Things, Ring Splint Edition

I never knew what Ehlers Danlos Syndrome was until I found this thing on Tumblr. The syndrome has many different presentations, but basically it affects the connective tissue of everything in your body. The person who originally posted about this describes it as every cell in the body being floppy, which definitely affects fingers and general fine motor abilities. Splints can help a lot with pain and functioning, so some awesome company decided to make splints that are AWESOME.

Silver Ring Splints

How cool is that? That is so cool, it makes me want to buy some just to wear. I won't though, because it seems disrespectful to people with chronic illness.

Anyway, you can learn more at

Always remember that there are many people out there with chronic illness. Be considerate to random people out in public, because many of these illnesses are "invisible." You never know. Be cool.

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