Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kids These Days

So I came upon this thing from someone who wishes they were a 90's kid.

Wrong Era Post

I was a kid in the 90's, so I'll break this down for all of you.

  1. You can still find Blink 182, New Found Glory, and Green Day on the radio, and they suck just as much now as they did back then.
  2. There were pop artists in the 90's that were just as spoiled and awful as Justin and Rebecca.
  3. Everyone did have computers, they just didn't do as much and were slow as hell, and it was awful.
  4. Landlines were also awful. Be glad you can call someone if you car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Those denim jackets and skirts were awful.
  6. People wore "skimpy" shirts and belly shirts back then, too. Stop the shaming.
  7. Kids cared more about popularity and sex than music in the 90's. Also all those things are and were wrapped up in one another.
  8. My parents didn't let me stay out until dark back then.
  9. 90's sitcoms were better, I'll admit it.
  10. Punks were never the cool kids.
  11. People caked themselves in foundation back then, plus all other kinds of makeup. I rarely saw boys wearing eyeliner. That was never a thing.
  12. People were not happy with themselves in the 90's. They were just as miserable and self-hating as they are now. 

I'm taking this post to task because I get so tired of people romanticizing the past. Not only are they always wrong about almost everything. let's not forget about the negatives of the 90's. Like when no one in the US was allowed to marry someone of the same sex. When I hadn't even heard of trans and non-binary people. When we didn't have nearly as much access to the Internet, so if you were different than everyone in your community somehow, you didn't have support systems like Tumblr or access to information about yourself, whether you had a non-traditional gender identity or a mental illness. Also, you couldn't even order pizza online.

Most people who say they were born in the wrong era are saying that they wish they had been born a decade or more earlier. Which means that most of these people have a lot of unexamined privilege. The rest of us wish we had been born quite a bit later.


Jessie said...

The thing that makes me nostalgic for the 90's is because I was in high school then and it was the last time I had hope for the future. Most of that was ignorance, the world wasn't better, I just had less information about it. That hope felt nice though.

Choux said...

Guys in eyeliner were a 2000s thing. All of it was shitty.

lucyricardanon said...

Oh wow. Yep, landlines sucked, and I'm so old that when I was a kid most people didn't even have answering machines yet, and there was no call waiting. If you wanted to call somebody you had to hope you got lucky that they were home and not on the phone with someone else. And as you say, if your car broke down you were screwed - either start walking or hope somebody nice comes along to help you. Belly shirts were popular in the 1980s, when I was in high school, and then through the 90s as well, IIRC. And you're right, punks were never cool kids, and FFS, if this kid had ever even seen SLC Punk they would know that. This kid is describing some fantasy version of the 1990s that never existed.