Monday, July 28, 2014

Creepy Craigslist Time - Professional PUAs?

Like many people, I regularly peruse Craigslist job ads just in case my dream job should present itself somewhere in the writing/editing section, no matter my employment situation. For the most part, the ads are pretty boring and non-controversial. Then I came upon this:

Creepy Craigslist Ad

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The text of the ad reads:

Get Paid To Woo Women On OkCupid & Tinder? (work from home)

What if you could get PAID to woo women and get them to respond to your messages?
Believe it or not, this sort of job actually does exist. Our business has been featured all over the media by outlets like FOX, the Today Show and the Washington Post... And we'll pay you to write profiles and messages for our clients while sitting at home in your pajamas. 
Right now we've got part-time opportunities available with eventual full-time potential. If you've got the skills, we'll hire you immediately for this long-term position. 
Think you have the charm, wit and wordsmith skills to join our team? Then send a quick email to with "Creative Writer in Seattle" right in the subject line, and we'll tell you more about the most entertaining job in the world.

Buffy is Grossed Out
How I feel right now

So, let me get this straight. This company is paying people to pretend to be other people for their desperate, I'm assuming almost exclusively male clients, in order to trick women into dating/sleeping with them?

And this ad just gets to stay up on Craigslist. It might as well say "Help Men Have Sex With Women Under False Pretenses!" 

You know, I still have people trying to tell me that rape culture doesn't exist or demanding proof of its existence. Then we have this ad. No thought as to whether it's wrong to have an actor play yourself, to have someone else lie and say they're you, to get a woman to date you. This is like some even worse "pick up artist" shit.

Because I am such a dedicated blogger, I actually went to the website to check it out. The headline in big red letters says "GET A GUARANTEED SUPPLY OF NEW DATES." Awesome, so women = supplies. Just awesome.

A chat window popped up after a few seconds to offer me help with my questions. So I decided to find out if these "virtual date assistants" actually pretend to be the client and lie to women online.

According to "Kelly," the answer is yes! That is gross, Kelly!

Let me also point out that this behavior, the actual hiring of actors to pretend to be you to trick women (who you clearly view as objects) into dating you is NOT the practice of a few scattered deviants. It's so common that someone has literally made a successful widespread business of it. Okay? These are not isolated incidents. You can't sit there and pretend like this isn't a big deal.

This is rape culture.

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