Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Breaking: America Needs Way More Feminist Bookstores

I guess this came out nearly three months ago but whatever it's breaking to me.

These Are the Last of America's Dying Feminist Bookstores.

"About twenty years ago, there were well over 100 self-described feminist bookstores in the United States. ... However, that number has plummeted over the years, and as Anjali Enjeti noted recently in Paste Magazine, only around a dozen remain in North America."

This may seem sad at first, but remember, the number of bookstores in general has plummeted over the past couple decades. It's now a lot easier to find feminist spaces, because you can do it online. Plus, you can find a much more diverse range of feminist spaces, including those that don't exclude trans women and women of color!

So all and all I think things are actually better now, but I am bummed that none of these bookstores are in the Seattle area. But if you live elsewhere, check out Paste Magazine's original list.

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