Friday, August 26, 2016

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Another very important topic that I think we all need to be talking about more.

10 Things I’ve Learned About Gaslighting As An Abuse Tactic

Gaslighting is a fascinating subject to me, and certainly something I've experienced myself. I think the idea that it's become incredibly common to the point that it's a cultural norm is particularly interesting.

I believe that gaslighting is happening culturally and interpersonally on an unprecedented scale, and that this is the result of a societal framework where we pretend everyone is equal while trying simultaneously to preserve inequality.

Most of the people I know have experienced some type of abuse, and I would bet that nearly all of them have also experienced some form of gaslighting. It's those times when someone has made you doubt your own reality, whether they meant to or not. It's incredibly distressing, especially when coming from a loved one. It's also something that politicians and pundits engage in fucking cooooonstantly. MRAs, anti-feminists, and TERFs love to do this. It's their favorite tactic. If they can make your reality debatable, then they've already won.

This is recommended reading for all people, just for the sake of everyone's own personal and emotional safety and well-being. Becoming aware of this behavior can save you a lot of pain. Trust me.

This is the Best

This apparently happened three months ago and I somehow missed it. This has got to be one of the most hilarious things that has come out of the clusterfuck that is the 2016 presidential election.

This Woman Tricked Trump Supporters Into Donating to a Queer Latino Organization

An unnamed woman known as thewwwayward designed a motivational Trump poster – with the words “There’s no good and evil, there’s only power and those too weak to seek it” attributed to him. She sold the posters to followers of the presumptive Republican nominee at a rally. What they didn’t know, unless they are big Harry Potter fans, is that the words actually comes from Hogwarts’ most villainous student, Voldemort.

“I also included a hidden image of Voldemort’s face that will only appear once they’ve hung up the poster and turned off the lights,” she said about the glow-in-the-dark bonus.

All of her profits will be donated to Familia Trans Queer – an organization that advocates for all LGBTQ Latinos, Latinas, and gender nonconforming individuals. “Believe me, I have zero qualms about trolling Trump supporters, taking their money, and giving it to communities of color,” she concludes.


You have to watch the video this incredible woman made about it. Trust me, it's worth it.

I think I'm in love.

If you'd like to support sticking it to Trump supporters, I recommend donating to the Familia Trans Queer Liberation Movement or at least checking it out.

Police Force Woman to Remove Clothing

You've probably heard of the Muslim woman in France who was forced to remove her head and arm coverings, which were not part of a "burkini" but just normal religious wear that she happened to have on at the beach.

Let's talk about how fucked up it is that cops forced any woman to remove any clothing, publicly. How utterly humiliating for her. What a complete violation of bodily autonomy. Honestly, considering the fact that the garb was religious and tied to control of her own body by herself, thishould be considered sexual assault. Can you imagine a cop coming up to you and demanding that you take off any of your clothes on a public beach? How completely terrifying would that be?

This is everything that feministshould be against. Give women a fine if their clothing is technically against the law, but forcing them to strip in public should be completely illegal. I don't care if you don't think a woman's hair and arms are in any way sexual or revealing. For some people, it is, and all that really matters is how the individual wearing the clothes feels about it. Forcing her to strip is absolutely akin to sexual assault.

Thankfully, I just found this bit of news:

France's burkini ban overturned by highest court.

Thank fuck. I maintain that this ban made no sense to begin with. What do wet suits made for Muslim women have to do with terrorism? Answer: Fucking nothing. If Islamophobes freak out over the sight of a Muslim woman covering herself on the beach, that is 100% a personal problem. They should have to stay away from the beach and generally get over themselves.

One mayor says he won't lift the ban, so I hope he gets his ass handed to him by the higher government.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Leslie fucking Jones, everybody.

World's Biggest Assholes Hack Leslie Jones' Website

There is no good reason to hack into someone's website and post their private nude photos. There might be a good reason to hack into someone's website and post non-nude photos of them as well as some private information, such as to expose a clearly dangerous person or maybe to give them a taste of their own medicine (hint hint good hackers). But the fast majority of women who have suffered through this have done nothing to actually deserve this violation of privacy bordering on sexual assault. All they've done is critique a video game, or point out sexism somewhere, or make a bit of media that some dudes didn't like.

But in the case of Leslie Jones, she literally did nothing. At all. Except exist. As a black woman.

Leslie Jones’ Website Taken Down After Horrific Nude Photo Hack

This comes after the overtly racist harassment she suffered on Twitter. She's clearly become a target of racist and misogynistic trolls, because she was in a movie that men got all twisted in the boxer briefs about because it contained a bunch of women who weren't dressed up for their gaze and reversed the receptionist eye candy trope. The white actresses aren't being targeted, even though the main lead was white.

So because she's black and a woman, this is what she gets. Misogynoir is a huge thing.

As if Leslie Jones hadn’t suffered enough at the hands of internet, the “Ghostbusters” actress’ personal website was hacked on Wednesday. Private information, including her passport and a driver’s license, as well as multiple nude photos were posted online, TMZ reports.  
The hacker somehow gained access to the comedian’s website and reportedly posted a video of Harambe, the gorilla who was shot and killed at a Cincinnati Zoo earlier this summer. Internet trolls have repeatedly used Harambe memes and photos to incite online abuse directed at Jones.

I am so fucking angry about this. Fucking try to tell me that racism or misogyny are over in this country. The fact that hackers know they can do this and get away with it, because the authorities will do nothing. And where are the good hackers finding these people and bringing them to justice? The fact that there are people like this who exist in the world, attacking incredibly kind, funny, and amazing people like Leslie Jones who have done nothing. Nobody can make up excuses for this.

The people who did this need kidney punches. All around.

Headline of the Month

Rush Limbaugh warns that federally paid 'lesbian farmers' could invade your town.

It's coming from Rush so of course it's complete bullshit but it's a great opportunity to use this:

I love that gif.

WHERE ARE MY LESBIAN FARM INVADERS, RUSH? Because let's be honest, it would make every community a whole lot better.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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Prison Inmates Dying of Heat Exhaustion Because Fuck 'Em I Guess

There was a period of time, actually a couple, where groups of people who were specifically Christian intervened in the prison system because the conditions in prisons were atrocious. The idea was that prisoners are human beings and even if they've done wrong, they deserve humane conditions to live in while they serve their time. After all, Jesus commanded that Christians care for the least of his people.

That hasn't happened in a while. And, as usual, prison conditions have deteriorated to the point that prisoners are being horrifically abused, exploited, and are dying for completely preventable reasons. The newest reason they're dying is from heat exhaustion, in part due to not being given enough water. The most basic fucking thing, besides oxygen.

“Deadly Heat” in U.S. Prisons Is Killing Inmates and Spawning Lawsuits

In the summer months, 84 inmates at the Price Daniel Unit, a medium-security prison four hours west of Dallas, share a 10-gallon cooler of water that’s kept locked in a common area. An inmate there can expect to receive one 8 oz. cup every four hours, according to Benny Hernandez, a man serving a 10-year sentence at the prison. The National Academy of Medicine recommends that adults drink about twice that amount under normal conditions and even more in hot climates. According to Hernandez, in the summer the temperature in his prison’s housing areas can reach an astonishing 140 degrees. 
The prison provides ice for the cooler twice a day, but the ice has long melted before the hottest part of the day, he wrote in a post on Prison Writers, a website where inmates share their experiences behind bars. “Prisoners look upon the summer months in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) with dread and trepidation,” he wrote. “For one is acutely aware that one may not survive another summer. Many do not.”



Of course, prison representatives say something different, but I trust those fucks about as far as I can throw an actual prison building.

Every report I've read about U.S. prisons has said that things like water, clothing, and tampons/pads are routinely denied to prisoners as a form of  punishment or for no reason at all as far as anyone can tell. Reports of illness from prisoners are also routinely ignored because it's assumed they're faking for attention or special treatment. So I don't believe for one second that heat stroke victims are being treated appropriately. Which is why so many have died.

The 14 fatalities cited in the report are an extremely conservative estimate, Dulitzky noted. He and others have been fighting to obtain inmates’ death records, and based on their ages, medical conditions, and the given day’s heat index, believe that “several dozens” died at least in part as a result of extreme heat exposure in 2014 and 2015 alone.

We need people to step up and demand humane conditions for these HUMANS packed into our prisons. Unfortunately, much of the Christian population in this country is too concerned about keeping certain people from marrying or using public restrooms or doing what they want with their own bodies to give much of a fuck about people who are suffering and dying right now. They've gone deep into a phase of poor people and prisoners deserve what they get, even if it's death. Which is utterly, UTTERLY un-Christian.

I was raised Christian so this touches a nerve. Anyway.

If they won't do it, I guess it's up to us "social justice warriors" to unreasonably demand that the human beings in prisons aren't left to be cooked alive in a steel and concrete oven with insufficient water.

Recommended Reading

I think it's really important to keep having conversations around emotional labor. The things women have to do on a daily basis just to fit all of society's many and sometimes contradictory expectations, good lord. It's like trying to balance on an ever-shifting tightrope.

People also have a finite amount of emotional energy, same as physical and mental energy. Why do you think we're so goddamn tired all the time?

50 Ways People Expect Constant Emotional Labor from Women and Femmes

Every one of these is true and I could probably think of more but I'm TIRED.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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Damn, look at him go. A for effort.

Black Women's Equal Pay Day

Many white feminists celebrate "Equal Pay Day" in April to commemorate the day that a woman would have finally made as much as a man made the previous year according to the gendered pay gap. However, the April date only applies to the comparison between white women and white men.

Black women have to work until August 23 to make as much as the average white man made last year.

“The pay gap does not affect all women the same way.”

For more statistics on how much black women get screwed in the U.S., check out the #BlackWomensEqualPay hashtag on Twitter.