Friday, July 29, 2016

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This is like me trying to do yoga.

How I Feel About Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech

Honestly, I feel cheated. She didn't say anything I didn't expect her to say or leave out anything I didn't expect her to leave out. But I feel cheated. I should have felt elated, inspired, like I was witnessing a glorious moment in history (more like herstory amirite), an uplifting and empowering moment for women across the nation. It should have been wonderful.

But it wasn't. Because Hillary Clinton is an imperialist, an upholder of global white supremacy, a defender of the wealthy and a part of the military industrial complex. She is the epitome of white cishet feminism. So all I felt was disappointment at what could have been. The first female presidential candidate for a major party could have been someone great. At least an Elizabeth Warren. Maybe a woman of color! And if Bernie had won the nomination, perhaps if all of the primary votes for him had been counted instead of millions being left out, we could have had that incredible moment.


Not to Make a Nazi Comparison But

What are you gonna do when the similarities are so striking?

A school district is forcing trans students to wear green wrist bands so that staff members and security guards can identify them on sight and make sure they're not doing something horrible like using the bathroom that doesn't make them feel unsafe and dysphoric.

When was another time that a marginalized population was made to wear identifying markers? OH YEAH.

Fuck all of that. Not only does that constantly out trans kids, it's basically like wearing a sign that says "stigmatize and harass me." All because of one trans boy who's just trying to survive high school.

How fucking bigoted and ridiculous and horrible and pathetic do you have to be to target a single kid for systematic harassment from the school staff just because he was labeled female at birth and disagrees. He's a kid who just wants to use the boy's bathroom and hang out with the other boys on school trips. And you make him wear an arm band?

This is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. The link leads to a petition to tell the school district to fucking stop. The kid is also suing the district for all the shit he's been put through, so good for him.

Hey Did You Hear About This

Lol probably not, and if so, only very recently. Because hahahahahaha

British Muslims Gave £100 Million To Charity During Ramadan

A spokesperson for MCF said: “This year, during the holy month of Ramadan, our members have raised around £45 million in donations that will go to providing essential humanitarian aid to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Across the whole sector we estimate that £100 million has been raised in total this year, representing incredible levels of giving of around £38 per second. 
“We at Muslim Charities Forum are incredibly proud of the British Muslims whose continuing generosity means that our members and the wider Muslim-charity sector will be able to go on providing the humanitarian assistance that those living under conflict, famine and other catastrophes desperately need.”

Literally all Muslims are supposed to do during Ramadan is good. They have an entire month dedicated to non-violence and charity, which is a month more than the Christian religion has. If you think that anybody who committed a terrorist attack or mass killing during this month is a real, devout Muslim, you don't know anything about Islam and should shut up.

Stop demonizing Muslims and Islam right now and forever.

The article has a long list of good works that Muslim charities have done. Please throw it in some faces if you get the chance.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

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I love gifs like this.

Online Threats Must Be Taken Seriously By Authorities


Yesterday, Jessica Valenti was driven offline by a death and rape threat against her daughter, who is five. Five years old.

Two questions. How low can shit anti-feminist men sink? And how low can shit anti-feminist men sink before police fucking do something about it???

People (men) go on and on about online threats not being "credible" (until it's against them or someone they like) but at the point of threatening someone's child, no parent is going to give a shit where a threat came from. They're not going to take any risks. Which is exactly why this person threatened Valenti's daughter, because he knew it would work. Which is exactly why there needs to be swift and harsh consequences for threatening a person's child.

Valenti is not my favorite feminist for several reasons, but she's a columnist for the Guardian and makes a lot of her money by doing online work. Being driven offline means that income is cut off. It also means she's cut off from the vast majority of the world. She's silenced. I ask again where the supposed free speech advocates are. Oh yeah, they're out defending the rights of assholes to threaten and harass people online.

It's been several years now that women like Valenti have had to endure harassment and threats with zero recourse. The police don't care and the laws aren't adequate even if they did. Politicians and police need to get off their asses on this issue immediately. Because I will track down and murder anyone who threatens the well-being of my loved ones. Is that what you want?

Someone needs to do something. If they won't, I will.

Oh No I'm Talking About the Election Again

I was discussing the 2016 U.S. election with a friend yesterday (*finger guns*), and I expressed my internal conflict between my idealism and my pragmatism. I can still see the merits of both the people refusing to support Hillary Clinton and those saying we need to keep Trump out of the White House at all costs. I have friends on both sides, and honestly I'm scared for some of them.

I remain privileged in race and ability. I'm scared that some of my friends may find themselves without necessary medical care or the ability to afford the things they need to survive without the Affordable Care Act in place. I'm afraid for my LGBTQP+ friends and their emotional health under a Trump/Pence administration. I'm also scared of the long term effects of the person that would be installed as the fifth conservative Supreme Court Justice.

I also can't tell people to vote against their principles. I just can't. Especially when some of those people are black or perhaps Guatemalan and Hillary Clinton is partially or directly responsible for horrible violence that has plagued their entire lives.

I can, however, tell my fellow white cishet able-bodied people that this isn't about you. And men in that category, especially, this election is not about you. Because you won't be affected in the same way that others will. Your lives aren't on the line. Stop using people of color to defend your hatred of Hillary because Trump/Pence are just as bad, only for different reasons. And stop telling people of color about how much Trump/Pence hate people of color and are supported by the actual KKK because they already fucking know. They're not naive. They're not unaware. They probably know better than you how racist those two are.

My stance remains that privileged people need to keep quiet on subjects in which their privilege applies. For white people, in yet another very white election, it's a time for us to listen and learn and stand up to other white people who are being assholes to people of color and acting like they don't understand the stakes.

The problem in this election is not that some people on the left side of the aisle don't want to vote for Hillary Clinton even in the face of a Trump presidency. The problem is that our country is in a place where Trump could be nominated in the first place. Focus on fighting white supremacy rather than telling people of color to vote for Hillary. Focus on fighting for decent healthcare in this nation rather than telling chronically ill and disabled people that they're shills for voting for Hillary. I've always been an advocate for addressing the root of the problem. Nothing else solves problems.

Credit for this idea goes to Ijeoma Oluo.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gif of the Day

Why is this so funny. Why.

Conservatives Utterly Baffled By Concept of Bathroom


This may be the funniest thing that's happened during this entire eight-year election season.

The question here is whether Ms. Westwood is similarly confused by her bathroom at home, seeing as home bathrooms are typically all-gender bathrooms.

It just gets more ridiculous the further you get into the details. Westwood later said she was concerned because she wanted to pump breast milk. Apparently she was also baffled by the two lactation suites available in the convention center and by the concept of bathroom stalls. And by every other bathroom in the entire convention center that was traditionally gender segregated.

Maybe I can help conservatives and other transphobes figure this out. It's a bathroom. You go in. Use a urinal for pee if you have a penis and you want to use a urinal for pee. Use a stall in every other situation. Wash your hands. Then leave.

You're welcome.

Ableism is Real

Among the numerous other atrocities happening across the globe, you may have heard of a man murdering 19 people in Japan by stabbing them to death. Oh, and he did so in a hospital for disabled individuals, specifically targeting the disabled, because he wanted them to "disappear."

It was the nation's worst mass murder since WWII, and it was against the disabled. The murdered used to work at the care center, and told the police that he stabbed dozens of his former patients because "It is better that disabled people disappear."

It gets worse.

Authorities said Uematsu had been “involuntarily committed” to hospital on 19 February, after police in the town of Tsukui contacted him in response to a letter he had attempted to pass to the speaker of the lower house of Japan’s parliament. 
In the letter, Uematsu argued that the government should permit euthanasia for disabled people, said he would be willing to carry out such killings himself, and detailed how he would do it. 
“I envision a world where a person with multiple disabilities can be euthanised, with an agreement from the guardians, when it is difficult for the person to carry out household and social activities,” the letter said.

This says a lot about pervasive attitudes toward disabled persons and/or the conditions that they're subjected to in these care centers. And don't think this is just a Japan problem. Yes, Japan does have a cultural issue around one's ability to make money being directly tied to one's worth, but so does the U.S. and its Protestant work ethic background and the U.K. where they have been actively blaming disabled people for the nation's problems to the point that visibly disabled people have been attacked in the streets.

One of the first thing assholes attack when talking about The Dreaded SJWs (TM) is the concept of ableism, despite it being one of the most overt and obvious forms of oppression in our modern world if you pay attention for two seconds. Please fucking stop because you're getting people killed.

"What Rape Culture?"


You can pretend that sexism is over, but this is what happens when a girl steps outside of rigid and violently enforced gender roles.

This Teen Says She Experienced Rape Threats And Serious Injury While Playing Boys Hockey

On Nov. 1, Byers was playing against another team within the Edmonton Minor Hockey League. It started with the opposing players being particularly physical, but then one player started telling her “I want to fuck you.” Then it turned into “I’m going to fuck you.” 
Eventually, Byers said he pinned her to the ice and kept repeating “I will fuck you whether you like it or not.”
She immediately skated to the bench and told her coach what happened, who then went to the referee. But, Byers said, the referee said there was nothing he could do. Her coach actually ended up getting suspended for two games after getting upset with the referee.

In fact, the entire governing body of the hockey league said there was nothing they could do because it doesn't even have a sexual harassment policy. And they continued to do nothing when the harassment turned dangerously violent.

Then at one point Byers said a player on the other team cornered her, dug his stick into her ribs, and slammed her head into the ice. 
“As I went down he said, ‘That’s what you get bitch.’” 
As she was carried off the ice, chaos erupted around her. She could hear her dad pounding on the glass, the other coach laughing, and people shouting that she shouldn’t play boys’ hockey if couldn’t “take the pain.” 
By the time an ambulance arrived, her whole torso was spasming. She ended up in hospital with a concussion and cracked ribs.

Yes because boys have steel ribs and don't get concussions if their heads are slammed onto ice.

As it turns out, the league does have a sexual harassment policy, yet still no one has been suspended or fired for this horrific, targeted harassment campaign that could have killed this girl who just wanted to play some hockey.

This is also why rhetoric about boys and men needing their own spaces free of women and girls is dangerous. Men literally become violent to the point of causing life-threatening injury if women "invade" their spaces yet constantly whine about and mock women's need for safe spaces from men. Men hate women that much.

This whole thing sickens me. The coach laughing. Other adults saying she deserved it. This is why integration of gendered sports needs to happen. Girls' leagues are often underfunded and ignored or may not exist at all. This teen girl can fortunately join the women's league, but what if another girl wants to play on the boys' team because her friends or on it or just because? She should be able to do that without fearing rape threats and assault. She doesn't deserve a concussion for daring to step outside artificial gender lines.