Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Trump Administration Intensifies Attacks On Trans People


While the trans community grieves yet another brutal murder of a black trans woman in Texas (and now another one in Philadelphia, this time of Michelle “Tamika” Washington, RIP), the Trump administration has been busy drafting legislation to allow homeless shelters to deny entry to trans people.

This proposed rule provides that grant recipients, subrecipients, owners, operators, managers, and providers (Shelter Providers) under HUD programs which permit single-sex or sex-segregated facilities (such as bathrooms or temporary, emergency shelters and other buildings and facilities with physical limitations or configurations that require and are permitted to have shared sleeping quarters or bathing facilities) may establish a policy, consistent with state and local law, by which such Shelter Provider considers an individual’s sex for the purposes of determining accommodation within such shelters and for purposes of determining sex for admission to any facility or portion thereof. 

If you're not fluent in legalese, and I'm certainly not, you can rely on the National Center for Transgender Equality to assure you that yes, this is fucking over trans homeless people.

And of course, let's all remember that trans people are disproportionately likely to experience homelessness due to families disowning them and rampant workplace discrimination, among other things all related to transphobia.

I know we cis ladies are very concerned about the attacks on bodily autonomy happening right now, but just as trans women support us in that fight, we MUST support them and fight to protect them from these attacks. Just as unsafe abortions kill, so does homelessness and intense societal transphobia, and especially transmisogyny.

Headline of the Month

Not everything is bad. Over in the U.K., fed-up leftists and young people are done letting racist, fascist assholes parade around the streets without a little reminder of their vulnerability.

Nigel Farage 'held hostage on Brexit party bus surrounded by milkshake-holding protesters'

If you haven't heard, there has been a growing trend, or perhaps movement, of people in the U.K. throwing fast food milkshakes onto nazis preaching their hate in the street and other white supremacists, including Nigel Farage, a well-known racist assbucket and current leader of the Brexit party.

This is just amazing. There's nothing illegal about holding a milkshake or standing around a campaign bus. But the threat of the humiliation of being covered in ice cream kept him from doing what he wanted to do. Because rich politicians can't stand the thought of their overpriced suits getting stains on them.

It's just so goddamn funny that this shithead felt like he was being "held hostage" because he can't handle being hit with some milky deliciousness. I guess then keep your ugly suits and your poisonous rhetoric inside your gilded chariot and fuck off, Nigel.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gif of the Day

I love me some miceys.

Maybe Don't Poison Your Autistic Kids?


I slept through like all of April and I'm sorry about that. But this story on NBC today is a grim reminder about how horribly autistic kids are treated by our society, which includes their parents.

Parents are poisoning their children with bleach to 'cure' autism. These moms are trying to stop it.

Imagine a world where autism is so demonized even though literally all you have to do is listen to autistic people and change your behavior and expectations around them a little that parents would feed their autistic kids bleach in an attempt to "cure" them OH WAIT THAT'S THIS WORLD.

The parents in many of these groups, which have ranged from tens to tens of thousands of members, believe that autism is caused by a hodgepodge of phenomena, including viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, parasites, heavy metal poisoning from vaccines, general inflammation, allergies, gluten and even the moon. 
The so-called treatments are equally confused. Some parents credit turpentine or their children’s own urine as the secret miracle drug for reversing autism. One of the most sought-after chemicals is chlorine dioxide — a compound that the Food and Drug Administration warns amounts to industrial bleach, and doctors say can cause permanent harm. Parents still give it to their children orally, through enemas, and in baths. Proponents of chlorine dioxide profit off these parents’ fears and hopes by selling books about the supposed “cure,” marketing the chemicals and posting how-to videos.

Ummmm is promoting child abuse and possibly child murder a crime? Should these people just be allowed to do this? Asking for all of my autistic friends.

The rank hatred of autistic people for daring to have needs outside of the majority is deadly. Thanks in part to anti-vaxxers (though shitty treatment of autistic kids and adults pre-dates that fuckery), who claim that vaccines poison kids, there are MOVEMENTS of parents trying to feed their kids poison. The details of the posts in these Facebook groups are horrifying. If you're autistic, I really don't recommend reading the following. If you're not, then I urge you to.

“My son is constantly making a gasping sound,” posted one Kansas mother who claimed to treat her adult son with chlorine dioxide, according to screenshots shared by Eaton and Seigler. “He won’t open his mouth,” a Canadian mom wrote of her 2-year-old’s unwillingness to drink the chlorine dioxide. “He screams. Spits. Flips over.”


It is so important to spread accurate information about autism and the very simple ways that you can help autistic people navigate a hostile society. Many of them are super easy, such as just not expecting them to make eye contact with you, listening to them when they passionately talk about their specific interests and not making fun of them for it, and letting them stim without being weird about it. You know, like a friend.

But the best thing you can do, because autism presents in many different ways, is to listen to anyone you know who is autistic when they speak about their autism. If you don't have any autistic friends, there are SO MANY awesome autistic individuals you can follow online. My friend Mooseplaining Max has a very funny and enjoyable Twitter account that not only makes jokes about mansplaining and other privileged phenomena, it has helped to educate me on autism and his specific needs, which is great because it means I can be a better friend to him.

Normalize autism. Destroy the idea that autism needs to be cured. Promote the idea that what needs to be "cured" is the anti-autistic ableism that infects our society. This is an emergency. Kids are being poisoned by their parents, not to mention not being vaccinated, because they'd apparently rather have a dead kid than an autistic one.

Autism is not a fate worse than death. If you'd rather poison your kid than simply learn how to properly interact with them, you shouldn't be allowed near children at all.

Here Comes Uhhhhh Mass Violence Against Immigrants

Welcome to "What Threw Me Into An Existential Crisis This Time?"

If we're not bothered by fascism in this country, can we at least be alarmed by the rhetoric coming from our President promising that undocumented immigrants will be rounded up en-masse by "removal forces"? No?

Remember when Trump's ex-wife tried to sound the alarm by telling us all that he kept a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed?

What are you gonna ship them out in, Trump? Packed train cars?

The term "removal forces" struck fear into my very soul but this tweet, like all the others, passed by the American people who collectively shrugged. We really don't learn from history, huh? We're really too afraid to disrupt our relative peace and comfort to stop the impending genocide, huh?

I'm sorry, am I being an alarmist?

You should know by now that any time I say "I'm sorry" on Not Sorry Feminism, I don't mean it.

White House confirms Trump is considering using the military to remove immigrants

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley downplayed reports Friday that the Trump administration was considering invoking the Insurrection Act to remove immigrants from the country — but he didn’t rule out that it was still on the table. 
“There are lots of tools at [President Donald Trump’s] disposal,” Gidley said, speaking with Fox & Friends. “We haven’t used them all and we’re looking at ways to protect the American people.” 
Gidley’s comments were received warmly by the live studio audience which applauded enthusiastically about the idea of using the military to force out undocumented immigrants at gunpoint. 
“That would be great,” host Brian Kilmeade responded. “Last time we used [the Insurrection Act], I believe, was the L.A. riots where the military came in and said we are going to need military presence there. The military is there [at the border] but they can’t do as much as they want.”

Skipping toward genocide while conservatives cheer and liberals shrug. "They can't do as much as they want" because we all know what they really want is to slaughter refugees and other migrants with impunity.

Sixty-three people were killed and 2,383 were injured in the 1992 Los Angeles riots Kilmeade referenced Friday, after police and military forces were deployed to snuff out riots and protests against the acquittal of several police officers involved in the brutal beating of a black man, Rodney King, whose arrest one year earlier was captured on video.

If you need me I'll be in the shower hugging my knees.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Gif of the Day

This is apparently actual capoeira. That episode of Bob's Burgers really didn't do it justice and now I feel like it was pretty racist because damn. It's beautiful, it's badass, and the history is the same. It was developed by enslaved Africans in Brazil and is officially considered to be "intangible cultural heritage" by UNESCO.

2020 Challenger Lineup: John Hickenlooper

Nope. Just nope.

Hickenlooper is a neoliberal capitalist who opposed marijuana legalization because he's involved in the alcohol industry, supports the oil and gas industry and fracking, is against Medicare for All claiming that most people are totally happy with their insurance (lmao), and describes himself as a "fiscal conservative." So he's happy to take the money of rich cis white gays and poor people can just get fucked.

You'd be better off voting for Joe Biden. Hickenlooper gets an F-enlooper.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Gif of the Day

For a second it kind of looks like he's playing a tiny clarinet.

Abortion is About Bodily Autonomy

There are a lot of ways to get sucked down bad avenues when it comes to abortion debates. Yes, contraception fails, but people who used zero contraception during sex still need access to abortions. Yes, not everyone who gets pregnant consented to sex, but everyone who consents still needs access to abortions. Abortion is a human right everyone is entitled to, yes, ENTITLED, because bodily autonomy is an essential, fundamental right.

Everyone will agree to this if you frame it outside of the abortion debate. Do you have the right to not be touched if you don't want to be touched? Yes! That's bodily autonomy. Should people be forced to give blood against their will? No! That's some horrifying Mad Max shit that we can all agree violates bodily autonomy and is bad. Most people will even agree that nobody should be forced to be an organ donor upon their death because some people are skeeved out by the idea even though you won't give a single fuck what happens to your body when you're dead, because you'll be dead. And yet, you have to check a special box when applying for your driver's license to become an organ donor, even though living people who have already been born and who desperately need an organ because one of their's has failed.

Do pregnant people have fewer rights than dead bodies?

This is the argument we need to be pressing. Nothing else really matters. Responsibility, contraception access, the absurd expectation of celibacy for anyone who doesn't want kids - none of that actually matters because bodily autonomy is a fundamental right of every human being.

A human baby could be dying of blood loss right in front of you, and you cannot be compelled to give that baby your blood even if you and that baby happen to have a very rare blood type and that baby WILL DIE if you deny your blood to that baby. It is legal to say no to giving that baby blood and nobody in the history of the U.S. has ever tried to pass a bill compelling people to give blood, let alone classifying the refusal to do so as murder.

So why is it different when it comes to pregnant people and embryos/fetuses?

It's not, actually. Some asshole conservatives a few decades ago just decided to frame the idea of abortion as HORRIBLE BABY MURDER in order to manipulate Christians into getting political so that they could get more votes. Jump to today.

Please propose the blood-giving scenario to every anti-choicer you encounter. This is the core of the need for full abortion access.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Gif of the Day

Me @ dusty old conservative white men and their opinions.

To The Vast Majority Of Pro-Lifers: You've Been Had


Yes, Alabama passed a total abortion ban, and yes, you should expect that to be coming to every red state in the country soon. But how many people actually want total abortion bans?

The answer is about the same number of people who don't like ice cream.

Alabama Bill at Odds With Public Consensus on Abortion

That's from Gallup. You know, the one that does all those polls? They found that the vast majority of Americans, including those who erroneously call themselves "pro-life," favor allowing abortion under at least some circumstances.

At the same time, there are two important areas of consensus that have typically been respected in U.S. abortion laws. One involves protecting abortion rights when pregnancy endangers a woman's life. The other is keeping abortion legal when pregnancy is caused by rape or incest. 
According to Gallup's 2018 abortion survey, not only do most Americans as a whole favor these protections, but so do majorities of pro-life Americans -- 71% for the endangered woman's life exception and 57% for cases of rape or incest.

Data For Progress created this handy map showing that in every single state, including Alabama, support for total abortion bans doesn't reach 30%. Anywhere.

click to enlarge

Not a hint of green on that map. Nope.

So if total abortion bans are so unpopular, why did one pass in Alabama?

Well, this should clue Alabama citizen in to the fact that YOUR "REPRESENTATIVES" DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU AND DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK AND DON'T ACTUALLY REPRESENT YOU AT ALL. This is also yet another among many signs that abortion is not about what people want and not about "saving babies." It's about power and control, it's about keeping the poor poor, it's about keeping women down and less likely to vote. It's about making more black women dead or in prison, and putting more black men in prison so they can be forced into slave labor. Watch as the backlash against the movement to let felons vote grows.

This is about regaining control from the common people and concentrating ever more power and wealth into the hands of a few privileged wealthy white men.

You can tell it's not about saving babies even in the way that so many people are okay with "killing babies" when that "baby" threatens the life of the mother or is conceived via rape/incest. If someone really thoughts of a fetus, an embryo, or a zygote as a baby with all the rights and value of a born baby, then it wouldn't matter how that baby was conceived, and it wouldn't even matter if the baby threatened the life of the mother. Would you be okay with killing an already-born baby that was conceived via rape/incest? No? Then why is it okay to kill something you view as the same under the same circumstances? What if, for some reason, a born baby threatened a mother's life? Maybe via post-partum depression or simple poverty? Is it okay to kill that baby? No? Why?

The answer is that they don't view a zygote as being the same as a baby and nobody really does. And we shouldn't because miscarriages, or the body's way of aborting an embryo or fetus because conditions are not ideal, happen at least 25% of the time after pregnancy begins. That number is definitely low because miscarriages can happen without the pregnant person even being aware of pregnancy and when they happen in the first trimester, and most do, they can appear to be just a heavy period. 

The point is that most people who call themselves "pro-life" are fooling themselves. And the so-called "pro-life" politicians are either fooling themselves or are promoting something they don't even believe in at all in order to manipulate people.

How often does this happen?

It happens a lot, is the answer.

Dear Most Pro-Lifers,

You've been had.