Thursday, December 8, 2016

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I keep forgetting to do the gif of the day at home where my stash of gifs is, so at work I googled "Tumblr gif" and what comes up is mostly black and white gifs of women's faces. I like this one.

The Restricted Life of the Neo-Nazi

The kinds of dudes I've now come to recognize as white supremacists/neo-Nazis have always raised the cry of FREEDOOOOOOOOMMMMM to defend their ideology decrying leftist "PC culture" as being restrictive and lambasting constantly about freedom of speech and maybe gun-having. But one thing I've observed about this group is that it's one of the most restrictive I've ever seen. In order to be a part of this particular ingroup, you must follow a large set of strange, often-conflicting and ever-changing rules, many of which describe things that you are not allowed to do.

These include:

  • You can't be anything but an able-bodied neurotypical cis straight white dude within a certain body type range. No exploring gender or sexuality.
  • You can't touch other men except maybe to bump fists.
  • You can't use certain words such as "people of color" or "privilege" or anything that might make you seem like a liberal.
  • You must use a certain amount of slurs per Internet post unless you're trying to convince a normal person that your way of thinking is not terrible.
  • You cannot do anything that might be interpreted as "feminine" or "feminized," ever, including putting your hand over your mouth.

  • You can only be in a relationship if it's with a white woman and you treat her like shit.
  • Certainly no crying, not even over the death of fellow Nazis in your super manly WWII movies.
  • No liking anything made or run by a Jewish person, which according to them is like everything.
  • You must exhibit maximum asshole behavior at all times or you're a "cuck" or whatever.

This is just a small sampling. The number of random things I've seen these dudes call "feminine" or "gay" or "Jewish" (and I'm cleaning up the language here, of course) boggles the mind. Even just taking all the things that women do, that's a lot of things to not be allowed to do. Women also sneeze and poop and breathe. Are these things now women-like and therefore "physically repulsive" to Nazis?

I hope so.

The President-Elect Has His Own Vigilante Force

The sooner you realize this and let the full horror of it sink in, the better off you'll be.

Trump just put a man’s family in jeopardy. In what world is this ever acceptable?

A union leader said on Twitter that Trump lied his ass off about the Carrier deal, which he did. Trump, being the utterly petty, fragile ego nightmare that he is, took to Twitter to smear the union and its leader, Chuck Jones.

It's bad enough that we have a president-elect who can't let any criticism go like any elected official needs to be a able to do because they're supposed to be fucking adults. But after Trump tweeted about Jones, he started receiving death threats targeting himself and his family. Including his kids.

The neo-Nazis and white supremacists that helped get this incredibly delicate flower elected aren't stopping. Now that he's set to become the leader of the U.S., they're transitioning to become his online vigilante squad. The SS in khaki shorts, if you will. You can expect that from now on, every person who is targeted by Trump in this kind of public manner will have to endure the tidal wave of harassment that has become the standard of this online bigot mob. Harassment, death threats, rape threats if they're a woman, hacking, DDoS attacks, etc.

To counter this, my suggestion is that we all start constantly bashing Trump on Twitter, even more than we already have. The more privilege you have, the more you should be bashing. @ Trump's official account constantly to tell him what a liar and general piece of shit he is. Because he's so thin-skinned, he won't be able to let much go by without responding. We can tie up Trump's time and attention and the "alt-right's" resources with online harassment while those of us more vulnerable to harassment work on getting this shitbag out of office in 2020.

We need to do all we can to fight back before they get organized (if that's possible for them) and start patrolling the streets. I don't necessarily want to bash actual heads in but I will if I have to.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gif of the Day

You are now yawning.



Are you pissed off about the current state of things in the U.S.?

Are you flabbergasted that an overcooked cheese danish-looking blowhard who openly bragged about sexually assaulting women, who very likely raped at least one teen girl, who openly talked about wanting to fuck his own daughter, and whose modeling company was caught running a human trafficking ring became president-elect of the United States of America?

Are you infuriated by the fact that Mike "Fuck All Your Reproductive Rights" Pence is the vice president-elect as well?

Have you experienced murder spasms at the fact that anti-choice shit stains in Ohio just passed a blatantly illegal "fetal heartbeat" bill through the House and Senate that cuts off abortion access at six weeks?

Are you a woman or femme-identified person living in the U.S.?

Fucking strike!

A cross-generational group of US women is planning a nationwide strike against Trump

Massaro’s vision grew to be the group, Women and Allies. Inspired by historic, women-led strikes in Iceland that protested the gender pay gap, Massaro and other organizers are hoping that women across the US walk out of their jobs and refuse to buy anything for 24 hours. They want to send a message to the Electoral College and the American people that women will not stand for misogyny and discrimination.

The official Facebook page for the nation-wide strike can be found here. From there, the pinned post contains links to Facebook events being hosted in other cities for the same strike. There's one in Seattle, and you can fucking bet I'm missing work for that.

The strike is on the 12th, just five days from today. Of course, it's completely understandable if you can't miss work. But this is not just a strike. On the same day, a general boycott has been declared. Get all your shopping done the weekend before, and on Monday, don't buy anything unless it's absolutely necessary.

This is the worker's/anti-capitalist strike I've been waiting for. It needs to be a big success so it can keep happening. If we can get enough people on board, this will get people to pay the fuck attention. But there's not a lot of time, so spread the word quickly!

Alt-Right Watch: Neo-Nazi Arguing Tactics

It's real nice of neo-Nazis to keep lists of their tactics and priorities and everything around so that the rest of us can know what to expect. I didn't even have to go looking for this one. I found it on Tumblr thanks to another person who's trying to warn people about Nazi and white supremacist activity. 

Today it's a list of sneaky argument tactics and general language use best practices that these asswipes are encouraged to use to confuse people and hide the extent of their horribleness from the rest of the world. This comes directly from Stormfront, a classic neo-Nazi organization. It apparently doesn't occur to them that if your real intentions are so awful that you have to use tricky language to soften it for normal people, you're probably on a bad path. Unless you're just cool with being evil. Which I think a lot of them are. Anyway.

This is again unnerving because I've seen these tactics used time and time again over the past few years and I've seen some of these slogans on fucking billboards and shit.

Here are images of the text:

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

And I'm also going to paste the entirety of the text from the source, typos and bad punctuation left intact. No point in linking to an archived page since none of this is actually a secret.

1. Stay on message; we deal with the genocide of White people and the perpetrators, anti-Whites. When talking to the general public don't go into a rant about Jewish conspiracies, banking families, NWO, etc. White genocide is the first step to establish a beachhead in the general population's consciousness -- we can expand on other ideas later.
2. Use the Mantra and our talking points. Everything anti-Whites say always leads to our genocide, and we have good ways to counter their talking points. You can customise our stuff and use it for yourself.
3. Use our terminology; "Anti-White", "Pro-White", "White genocide", "Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White", "Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everybody".
4. "Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White" should be the last thing in your post if possible.
5. Don't use their terminology; "racist" should ONLY be used in "anti-racist"; "nazi" should ONLY be used in naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews"; "HATE!", "holocaust", "facist" "LOVE!" should be avoided; "diversity", "multicultural" can be pointed out as meaning less White people. Avoid using "The White race", "Caucasians", "The Whites", because it makes it look distant and turns it into a philosophical debate; use 'Our people', 'My people', 'White people', etc.
6. Capitalize "White", when you're talking about our race.
7. ALWAYS use "Genocide", NEVER use "Extinction", "Population Displacement", "Demographics shift", etc.
8. NEVER call them "antis", they are "anti-White" - they are against White people existing.
9. Use "As an anti-White" e.g. "As an anti-White why do you think more assimilation is required in ONLY White countries?".
10. Don't argue, make our point: ALL White countries & ONLY White countries are told by anti-Whites, who claim to be "anti-racist", that they must accept millions of non-Whites and 'assimilate' with them, which is genocide under UN genocide conventions. If people get annoyed of hearing our message that's good, it means they can remember it!
11. This isn't about anti-Whites; we are talking to the general public, USE the anti-Whites to humilate them and point out that they support White genocide. A lot of the general public are tired of "anti-racists" (anti-Whites) and WE have to show them how to defeat and humiliate them.
12. Be aggressive and take the moral high-ground; if they call you names say "You're only saying that because I'm White".
13. Think before you talk. Talking about commiting violence is a no-go. No talking about genocide tribunals because it makes us look dangerous. Using lots of bad language is going to make you - and us - look stupid. That does not mean treat anti-Whites with dignity.
14. YOU ask the questions. If you don't get a reply keep asking them - it means your opponent is embarrassed and is trying to get off the subject. If they demand you answer questions say "WE ask the questions, because YOU support/justify genocide of MY people!".
15. Use emotional language; "Why do you hate little White children?", "Why do you want to genocide little White babies?".
16. Winning isn't important; you should be winning all of the arguments with the anti-Whites if you do what Bugsters do, but don't worry if you lose a few of them -- this is about imposing our terminology and getting the public talking about White genocide.
17. Know your target audience and wrap our message around what appeals to them.
Young adults want to talk about education fees and housing prices, Teens want to talk about music, Old people want to talk about pensions, etc. Try to connect with the people using their language/colloquialisms e.g. "Dude" "Mate" "Bloke" "Howdy" "Yeah" "Lol" "Rofl"
18. Flip the script. What if ALL Asian countries were told to bring in immigrants and assimilate with them? What if "anti-racists" in Africa demanded that Africans stopped patrolling their borders and kicking out illegal immigrants?
19. We're all part of the team. Remember to report any places that you post.

A note on "Bugsters" or "BUGS": These are white supremacists and neo-Nazis who dedicate their time to going around online and spreading their Nazi propaganda around using the tactics listed above. According to the source, there are now automated programs doing this shit all over places like YouTube, 4chan, and other sites that have been identified as popular spaces for the kinds of people (young, white, male) who are vulnerable to this propaganda.

I want you to pay attention to the tactics used. There's a lot of subtle language manipulation going on. This wording, repeated over and over, can change the way people think about certain things. This has been studied time and time again by psychologists and found to be true. It shows how dangerous the mantra of "words are just words" is. I'm beginning to think the spread of the idea that words can't be used to hurt people was part of the white supremacist/neo-Nazi plan. Bring down people's defenses by spreading the idea that you're weak or whatever if you let words affect you, then start using word manipulation to plant white supremacist ideas into people's minds.

Simple, and it clearly worked.

Here's what you should do. Familiarize yourself with this kind of language and argument tactics. If you're like me, you've probably already seen them used. Once you've done that, you can spot a neo-Nazi from across the Internet. And once you've spotted them, do not engage. At most, use it as an opportunity to show others, if they can see the argument, how the person is using sneaky bullshit to manipulate an argument that can't be won using honest means. Then focus on plain truths. There is no white genocide, and they're a Nazi. "You're a Nazi, your argument is invalid." It's as simple as that.

#16 on the list says it all. It's not about winning. The actual content of their argument, the rightness of it, the logic (or lack thereof), none of that matters. All they want is to get their insidious "message" out there and trick people into taking their Nazi shit seriously. Into thinking that they might have some kind of a point. And they'll exploit the old liberal mantra of "everyone's opinion is valid and deserves to be heard" to do that. #10 even tells them that they're not to argue, so don't let them trick you into thinking that it's even an argument at all.

No. Out them as a Nazi, block them, delete their comments, report them. They want to you take them seriously and argue with them. Do Not. Do not let them air their toxic ideology out in your space. Do not tolerate Nazi propaganda.

At this point, I want to take a moment to laugh at "why do you want to genocide little white babies?" LOL. Okay. Don't argue with Nazis. The end.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gif of the Day


DAPL Update: Probably Not At All Over

There are various concerns about the denial of easement to the Dakota Access Pipeline company and whether this will stop the construction of the pipeline even in the short term. There have been unconfirmed reports by people on the ground that the company is still drilling. It looks like, technically, the company is only prevented from drilling under the river, and should they decide to go ahead and drill their anyway, they'll only be facing fines which may not be more than the money they're losing every day the completion of the pipeline is delayed. $50,000 per day may sound like hefty fineage to us mortals, but...

The company, Energy Transfer Partners (EPT) are being big whiners about having their death pipe delayed, and have alarmingly declared that the pipeline will be completed no matter what happens.

“As stated all along, ETP and SXL are fully committed to ensuring that this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.”

This may only be to reassure their shareholders. But I have no doubt that it's also a direct statement to water protectors and everyone else opposed to this pipeline. This isn't over. They're going to keep fighting, and we need to as well.

The back and forth, continuously broken promises, and escalating brutality at Standing Rock are during the area into a powder keg. It's reported that there are already 5,000 veterans there, and water protectors have announced that they will not be leaving until the pipeline is 100% stopped, for all time. A win or loss here could set the stage for all future contested pipelines. And capitalists seem absolutely determined to ensure that they win this one. We have to fight back just as hard. Don't forget about this.

I'll be watching for more news on this and will alert everyone I know as soon as things gear up again. In the meantime, water protectors are still going to need supplies, so keep donating/sharing donation posts. It's not over until the snake is dead.


With Attention on Dakota, Obama Quietly Approves Two New Pipelines

I'm pretty sure they're trying to kill us.

Alt-Right Watch: Convenient List of Websites to Avoid

Or, for me, to slog through to try and glean some real information out of the layers of bad information.

As people begin to become aware of the problem of fake news sites and make lists of them to keep track of who not to listen to (there are a lot), neo-Nazis are responding to this by both expressing pride in making this "forbidden" list and decrying the use of blacklists, which, if you know anything about Nazis, will set off all your hypocrisy alarms. Was it just last week that I found out 8chan keeps a list of Jewish people? Time has no meaning in this pre-Trump post-decency hellscape.

Anyway, some shitty Nazi site that oddly enough uses a poorly-cropped image of a woman of color as its icon posted this list so that you can make sure to stay the fuck away from all of that. Warning for ableist slurs and mention of rape in the post along with the usual anti-semitism and racism. Here's the archived version of the site to keep that Nazi residue off your browser history.

The rest of the post is a lot of exaggerating and flattering of themselves. I continue to hate the exploitation of women via fake concern about our well-being and safety. It's pretty fucking rich that the same people who want to take away any and all of our human rights, confine us to the kitchen, and repeal marital rape laws are soooooo concerned that refugees and immigrants (people of color) are going to come to our homes are rape us.

And apparently, if I'm reading this right, the Nazis are trying to claim that the fake news sites contain real news? Like, even the Russian Twitter bots? It's confusing and I'm tired. But it seems like they're dedicated to pushing the narrative that the fake news isn't fake, but the fake news thing has already taken off because the mainstream media takes exception to being overshadowed and manipulated like that. The damage has been done, though many people will likely go on falling for fake headlines.

It's also possible that hard-right, not necessarily alt-right individuals may be so contrarian to the mainstream media that they might be more inclined to believe Nazi lies. This is yet another thing we need to keep an eye on.

This is Why I Don't Trust Men


I've written before about the fact that men don't seem to get rape at all. They literally don't understand what makes it so horrible and can't seem to empathize sufficiently to get why so many women, even if we haven't been victims, are so intensely repulsed by the very idea.

Exhibit A:

Last Tango in Paris director admits infamous 'butter rape' scene with Maria Schneider was non-consensual

I don't even want to know what the fuck that scene is, but apparently it was a lot more real than anyone had consented to watching on screen, and much more real than the female actor who had to endure a rape scene at all (because a man decided to write one and another decided to film it) had consented to performing.

He said that he felt horrible "in a way" for his treatment of the actress but defended himself by saying that he wanted her reaction "as a girl". 
"I wanted her to act humiliated. I think she hated me and also Marlon because we didn't tell her. 
"To obtain something I think you have to be completely free. I didn't want Maria to act her humiliation, her rage, I wanted Maria to feel... the rage and humilation [sic]. Then she hated me for all of her life."


This is why I don't trust men. So many of them are completely willing to throw our mental and emotional well-being, our sense of safety, and our trust in humanity right out the fucking window for the sake of their """""art""""". I.e. for the sake of their shitty, self-indulgent tripe.

Schneider suffered mental health problems and addiction after being put through that. God only knows how much she really suffered after, at age 19, she was betrayed and violated by two men who decided a movie was more important than her. Who decided it was worth it to rape her to make their shit film better.

They don't deserve to have lived in peace these last 44 years. Now Schneider is dead and they get to go on living with their money, probably living almost every day guilty free. This guy only confessed after his victim died of cancer.

Tell me again why I should trust men. This is the kind of thing that makes me feel like humanity is better off dead.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Gif of the Day


DAPL Definitely Delayed for Now, Hopefully?

I'd been meaning to post about the increasingly horrific shit that was going down at Standing Rock including the possibility of the North Dakota governor cutting off supply routes to the thousands of freezing water protectors getting sprayed by police with fire hoses in freezing temperatures. But now it appears that there's been a real victory.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Statement on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Decision to Not Grant Easement

Today, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will not be granting the easement to cross Lake Oahe for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. Instead, the Corps will be undertaking an environmental impact statement to look at possible alternative routes. We wholeheartedly support the decision of the administration and commend with the utmost gratitude the courage it took on the part of President Obama, the Army Corps, the Department of Justice and the Department of the Interior to take steps to correct the course of history and to do the right thing.

Keep in mind that this is a delay at best. They're going to "look at possible alternative routes." This isn't to diminish the victory of the incredibly brave and dedicated water protectors. They've done something we white people have failed to do time and time again. You know, when it wasn't an option to just move the pipeline onto Native American land.

What I'm saying is that we white people need to not forget about this. In a month and a half, Trump will be president and he could reverse the decision. Even if somehow that doesn't happen, the Army Corps could just go ahead and be like "nope there's no better place for this to go, keep building!" Then they complete the pipeline before the water protectors can get the rest of us to care about it again. And after everything, I'm extremely skeptical that even this will stop construction.

But according to Standing Rock leaders, this will at least be a delay of a couple months. Hopefully by the time they can get it going again, it will start to warm up and the risk of hypothermia will be lessened.

And as many people have already said, don't thank Obama, thank the water protectors and all the tribes that came together to stand up against a massive military force and giant construction machines, attack dogs, and the entire array of so-called "non-lethal" weapons typically used in military zones. What they did is amazing. I can't even imagine standing up to something like that. Thank you, water protectors, for all you've done for the area, the state, the nation, and possibly the entire world.