Friday, August 18, 2017

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Headline of the Month

I don't give a fuck about stocks and in fact kind of think the the stock market should be illegal or just made obsolete through the abolishing of capitalism but this made me laugh so hard:

Stocks rally, traders cheer on news of Bannon’s departure

Steven Bannon sucks so hard that his getting fired from the White House improved the fucking economy.

Geek Losers Create, Postpone Event to Defend Fired Google Nerd

Alt-right nerds are trying to make a rallying point out of that dork who got fired for basically announcing to all of Google that he's a misogynist who believes in junk science and for trying to get other nerd dudes to believe in it, too. They were planning on having rallies at a bunch of different Google campuses, including the one in Kirkland, which is way to close to where I live for me to not show up no matter how fucking exhausted I am by these fucking antics.

So I was really relieved when they cancelled/postponed this nonsense. They claimed that it was because of "alt-left terrorist threats" (lmao) but I'm pretty sure that's a lie to cover up the fact that they're just scared of getting their shit pushed in due to the momentum on the left created by the anger over the Charlottesville white supremacist fest.

Similar to many tantrums thrown by the "GamerGate" crowd any time a misogynist got fired for being a misogynist (no coincidence here, GamerGate was a test run for the alt-right), the "March on Google" claimed to be an event in defense of "free speech," ignoring the fact that freedom of speech only applies to the government, and not corporations. It can't protect you if you say some bigoted shit and get fired. It also hasn't protected women who have spoken out against misogyny in the workplace or in the industry at large and gotten fired - corporate actions that GamerGaters and alt-righters have defended without fail.

The poor persecuted techbros posted about the cancellation of the march on Wednesday, saying shit like "CNN and other mainstream media made malicious and false statements that our peaceful march was being organized by Nazi sympathizers" and "In one instance, an Alt Left threat was made to use an automobile to drive into our peaceful march."

Okay, that second one definitely never happened. And as for the first thing, if you're not alt-right nazi sympathizers, which I highly doubt CNN ever said you were, why do you keep using a term created by neo-nazis and why does your original post say this shit: "Post to the hashtag #MarchOnGoogle with your best memes."

Are you even trying to hide it? Because you're doing a terrible job.

50/50 chance on whether this march will ever actually happen. Misogynist techbros are cowards, much like the entire alt-right, but their fragile egos and terror at seeing their fellow misogynists face real consequences for misogyny might fuel them to make this actually happen.

And we'll be there if it does. Don't worry, no one will hit you with their cars, but there has been talk of super soakers. Loaded with urine.

The Best Things to Come Out of This Week

The events in Charlottesville were terrible and horrifying. But at least a lot of good things came out of it. Amazing points, greater awareness of the idea that tolerating white supremacists is actually a bad idea, and some hilarious shit. Here are some of my favorites:

Confederate monuments are participation trophies given to losers:

The spread of the Paradox of Tolerance:

The creator of the term "Godwin's Law" about everyone comparing everything and everybody to nazis saying this:

Ju-Hyan Park's Twitter thread ending in "Love and fury can coexist," which is fucking beautiful.

The organizer of the Charlottesville white supremacist march being chased out of town.

A bunch of participants of this march being outed and fired.

Nazi site The Daily Stormer losing its hosting support and being forced to get domain support from Russia, and even then being rejected.

Richard Spencer getting pepper sprayed by cops:


Everybody mocking James Woods' ridiculous tweet.

This guy crying about being maced by communists:

This tweet:

And this one:

Heather Heyer’s eulogy by her mother.

All the other sites banning nazis.

All the confederate monuments now being removed in direct reaction to the Charlottesville rally.

People lining up to turn themselves in for helping to take down confederate monuments in support of the individuals arrested for this public service.

Antifa finally getting some goddamn credit for their good work.

So many people coming together to tell nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-nazis to fuck off.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Now that's good TV.

*Screaming Eternal Into the Void*

Last night I learned about a "protest" that happened yesterday in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. About 10 dorks in MAGA hats were "protesting" the existence of a statue of Lenin that has stood in Fremont for a few decades now. I put protesting in scare quotes because this is clearly just some reactionary bullshit around the mass protests against Confederate monuments across the country (even Seattle has one). Like either that or they just wanted some attention and they're not about to protest monuments to Confederate losers so lol.

The Seattle PI reported on this, or more accurately, reported off of the Twitter video of a local white nationalist and conspiracy theorist. The video is 24 and a half minutes of complete hell for anyone who knows anything about history, like, at all. I am not a history buff but this was so painful. In the first eight seconds you get to see a sign that says "Lenin is Hitler." Which, like. First of all. Okay. MY BRAIN IS SCREAMING.

It would be bad enough if it said "Lenin = Hitler" because then you're just saying they're essentially the same but "Lenin is Hitler" suggests that both of them are still alive and that Hitler is actually just Lenin in disguise.

Then the dude starts going on about how we shouldn't have a monument to the death of 100 million people, and then they start chanting "hey hey, ho ho, Marxism has got to go."

I just.

In that order.

Yes Lenin was a Marxist and yes Lenin and Stalin were on the same side pretty much before Lenin died but neither Lenin nor Marx had anything to do with the murder of 100 million people in and around Russia under Stalin, the horrible paranoid dictator. Also, saying Marxism has to go is like saying Babism has to go, in that there may be some followers of Babism around, they're not enough to be a threat to you even if it weren't utterly harmless to begin with. Unlike nazism, which has racism and eugenics at its very core.

I couldn't watch much of the video because THE PAIN but this is what local MAGA hat wearers are worried about. Anyway, let's work on getting that fucking confederate monument taken down, shall we?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Eternal lick.

The Term "Alt-Left" Was Created By Neo-Nazis

Oooookay, so I guess now it's up to me and my very important and often-read blog (lol just kidding) to clear up all the misinformation being spread around about the term "alt-left."

No, The Telegraph, it was not coined by Donald Trump. I know this because asshats from the actually existing "alt-right" have been throwing it around for several months already, and you should really know that, even if you are a U.K. publication.

No, Vanity Fair, it's not everybody to the left of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, nor everybody critical of them, nor is it these mythical "Trumpian leftists," because that is an oxymoron. Nor is it "a problem, too."

No, Time, it is not a thing inspired by Bernie Sanders. And no, Gil, it did not viciously attack you.

No, New Republic, it was not something partially created by liberals, though you're right, they are happily helping to spread the term now, thanks a lot, liberals, you're being helpful as always. To the right.

It was also not just made up by "the right." It is yet another term coined in neo-nazi forums to be pushed as a direct turn-around of "alt-right" due to the fact that "alt-right" has been used derisively by leftists since the term emerged. It is yet another case of the worst of the white supremacists taking leftist language used to attack or just describe them and twisting it around to attack us. They do this because I guess they aren't clever enough to come up with their own shit, but also because it's a deliberate gaslighting technique meant to confuse us, piss us off, and throw us off our game. They do it all. the. time.

It wasn't made up by the standard, non-alternative right to create a false equivalence between leftists and the alt-right that keeps giving Republicans such bad press, but people like Sean Hannity and other right-wing fuckoffs do use it that way constantly. Do they realize they're parroting language invented by nazis? I'm sure they would deny it if they did.

It's also being used by David Duke to attack Black Lives Matter and antifa, the main subjects of his nightmares right now. But to be clear, neither of these groups have burned entire cities down, murdered cops, or attacked "thousands." I mean, maybe over time antifa has "attacked" thousands since their history goes back many decades, but you have to use the term "attack" to describe self-defense and driving fascists out of their communities. I guess in the way that Buffy the Vampire Slayer "attacked" hundreds of vampires. Yes I am saying fascists have no souls. No I am not saying I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer was real.

At best, the "alt-left" was coined by the "alt-right" as a derogatory term, which is weird because it suggests that "alt-right" is an insult? Yet it's been oddly effective, same as a lot of their tactics. Hypocrisy and self-burns don't phase them. I'm pretty sure I can dig up screenshots of the use of "alt-left" being planned in nazi forums but my brain is fried from a morning migraine right now, so I'll add those later if I can find them. And if not, remember, the "alt-right" might as well be nazis, and are absolutely used as a stepping stone to full nazism.

Confederate Heritage

  • Slavery
  • Treachery against one's country
  • Losing

In other words:

Great heritage you got there. What part of that heritage are you a fan of, exactly?

Robert E. Lee wasn't a war hero. He was a traitor and a loser. He was a great strategist, but war hero that does not make.

Also, did you know that Robert E. Lee would have told you to take those confederate monuments and flags and shove them?

Lee did not want such divisive symbols following him to the grave. At his funeral in 1870, flags were notably absent from the procession. Former Confederate soldiers marching did not don their old military uniforms, and neither did the body they buried. “His Confederate uniform would have been ‘treason’ perhaps!” Lee’s daughter wrote. 
So sensitive was Lee during his final years with extinguishing the fiery passions of the Civil War that he opposed erecting monuments on the battlefields where the Southern soldiers under his command had fought against the Union. “I think it wiser moreover not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavoured to obliterate the marks of civil strife and to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered,” he wrote.

Give up your fucking monuments if you love Robert so much. Stop being so divisive by clinging to the past. Or can you just not give up your hatred of black people?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Another combo gif.

This Blog Supports Antifa

The fact that anti-fascism gets significantly worse press than actual fascists in this country is so very, very U.S. Like #ThisIsSoUs.

But let's change it. If you've heard about antifa (and if you have it's probably been negative) but are unsure about them, it's real easy to google some information. Antifa is not a single organization and, by it's nature, never would be. They tend to be loosely associated and follow a general set of guidelines and strategies for fighting fascism. The only thing that truly unites antifa is being anti-fascist. That is what their name is short for, after all.

Antifa uses tactics on the ground that can be generally defined as violent, but they have to use violence because it's the only thing fascists respond to. They understand that fascists such as nazis have no problem using violence and will do so with gusto the instant they can get away with it. That is why allowing fascists the space to gain power is so dangerous. I've already explained a hundred times over how their violent rhetoric leads to violence, and Charlottesville has a body now to prove it. Rest in peace, Haley.

But if you're not a fascist, antifa is on your side in any situation that could become dangerous. I'm not a part of any antifa group, but at physical protests, I look for them. I keep them within eye range because I know they will be the ones to protect me and the entire rest of the crowd from both police and fascist violence. They are the ones who jumped to the aid of the white Seattle liberals who were suddenly and randomly attacked by the "Proud Boys" after the counter-protest to the anti-Muslim rally last June. They are also the heroes who saved Dr. Cornel West and a church full of black leaders on Saturday.

Dr. West himself credits "anarchists and anti-fascists" for saving himself and a group of 20 clergy from being "crushed" by the impending fascist mob that the police were letting march down upon them. It's time we throw our support behind these brave individuals fighting to protect us. They are not terrorists. They are community defense leagues and we need them now more than ever.

Thank you, antifa. Thank you, local anarchists. I support you.

Nazis Find Out World Still Hates Them

I had an unexpected amount of anger leftover after the white supremacist rally on Sunday. I think it's related to the feeling of helplessness over seeing the entire Seattle Police Department go to such painstaking lengths to protect a group of violent nationalists-at-best from even having to see an opposing protest. It's an issue trigger for me. But also generally super fucked up.

And yet, as the days go by, more and more reports of this country rejecting nazism are coming out, and it's pretty amazing.

Go Daddy kicked the Daily Stormer, neo-nazi website, off their domain service, and Google followed suit just hours after those nazis shits tried to switch over.

After Charlottesville, more cities are moving to take down Confederate monuments

Multiple men photographed participating in the Chalottesville nazi rally have been identified and fired.

The organizer of said rally was straight up run out of town (the video of his terrified face is beautiful, highly recommended).

People in the South are tearing down confederate monuments themselves.


The backlash against white supremacists has been so intense that even Lord Dampnut was finally forced to denounce them, and they're talking about going back under their hoods:

Click to Enlarge

That up there is actually really important, pay attention. They're saying that they need to tone down the overt nazism to appeal to the "average white person" - their strategy for decades until now, when they may have blown their load early. They're talking about going back to dog whistles that leftists recognize but "normies" (their word for average individuals, centrists, apolitical people just trying to live their lives) don't. We have to keep being vigilant, and we should ride this momentum to help average people recognize nazi dog whistles for what they are. That post is titled "fixing the alt right," then talks about clear white supremacist goals. Yet more evidence that the "alt right" is a more family friendly face for nazis.

I may not have much hope for the future of humanity, but if we can stomp nazis back down into their filthy holes before climate change throws everything into chaos, we'll be better off. At the very least, we'll have something to feel good about.